Bug #13323

Updated by Andy Fiddaman 6 months ago

The CTF forward declaration tests says: 

  * In test-forward.c barp is declared as a union, not a struct. However, today 
  * the CTF tooling does not contain enough information to know whether a forward 
  * declaration was for a struct or a union, only that it was a forward. 
  * Therefore, the type printing information assumes at the moment that the type 
  * is a struct. In a future revision of the CTF type data, we should encode this 
  * information in the equivalent of ctt_info so we can properly distinguish 
  * between these. 

 13278 fixed this and the type of a forward declaration is now known. The test needs adjusting. 

 The test now fails with: 

 check-forward-32: failed to lookup type struct bar * for symbol barp 
 check-forward-32: failed to lookup type struct bar * 
 check-forward-32: member data has bad type, found union bar *, expected struct bar * 
 TEST FAILED: check for /opt/util-tests/tests/ctf/test-forward.c, /opt/util-tests/tests/ctf/check-forward-32, failed