Bug #13810

Updated by Brian Bennett 8 months ago

ldapclient copies nsswitch.ldap over nsswitch.conf. This is a problem because nsswitch.ldap doesn't use DNS. 

 There may be someone somewhere who desires this behavior, but the number of people who would want such a thing is vanishingly small. The overwhelming majority of all uses cases will require DNS. The default should support the common use case, and not the one that is all but non-existent. 

 Therefore, we should do the following: 

 * ship nsswitch.ldapdns that will use the same config as nsswitch.dns for hosts and ipnodes. 
 * ldapclient should either: 
     * not replace nsswitch.conf period, it's always up to the user, and nsswitch.* files are used as a reference 
     * use nsswitch.ldapdns by default and provide a command line option to specify an alternate file