Bug #14138

Updated by Yuri Pankov about 2 months ago

cxgbetool reinvents err(3C), which while non-standard is available on illumos, FreeBSD, and Linux; more so some of the places should have used errx() instead, e.g.: 
 $ cxgbetool /dev/t4nex0 loadfw 
 error: incorrect number of arguments.: Error 0 

 To test this, I invoked @cxgbetool@ as shown above and got error message without the erroneous @: Error 0@; also the error message for @cxgbetool /dev/t4nex0 cudbg@ does not have that suffix.    I have not tested all of the output as it's pretty hard to get it the out of memory conditions, but otherwise it's either unchanged or improved.