Feature #14202

Updated by Andy Fiddaman 4 months ago

This is an upstream of, a pre-requisite for #13500 

 From the original Joyent bug: 

 > We'd like to be able receive direct callbacks from a ksocket as opposed to having to read and write. 

 Work by Robert Mustacchi 

 This provides an alternative way for a ksocket to directly receive data when it arrives in sockfs, rather than having it queued in a socket buffer that it must separately poll; the result being that no data ends up being queued in sockfs. 

 The initial consumer for this will be the #13500 (network overlays) feature which is being upstreamed from Joyent SmartOS via 

 The current proposed changes for #13500 are available to view on Gerrit at - this has not been sent out for wider review pending completion of testing (in particular interoperability with SmartOS and OmniOS, which side-pulled this in 2019).