Bug #14765

Updated by Garrett D'Amore 3 months ago

The LUN device IDs are generally available on modern SATA devices (required by T13 T11 specifications), but our SATL doesn't decode them. 

 The recommendation in the latest SAT spec is to translate requests to obtain VPD page 0x83 correctly.    The best way for us to do that (safest) is to obtain the inquiry information at startup, and store it, and then return it in software. 

 We have an implementation of this at RackTop. 

 There is a low risk on upgrade that devices may upon reboot may start enumerating under a /dev/ link with a WWN, instead of a simple cXtYdZ link.    ZFS does seem to cope well with this, but folks using legacy filesystems may have some difficulties, particularly if the /dev directory is not persistent (as is the case with some non-persistent root distributions.) 

 Still, we feel this offers better interoperability if the disk is moved to another adapter, as the names will be preserved, and the use of page 83 data is becoming more and more common in various situations. 

 Modern hardware based SATLs do translate this already.