Bug #16387

Updated by Toomas Soome about 2 months ago

CLSET_NODELAYONERR is not implemented with CLTS and call clnt_control() with CLTS transport will result having: 
 NLM_ERR("Unable to set CLSET_NODELAYONERR\n"); 

 I think, we need to implement proper response on CLSET_NODELAYONERR function in clnt_clts.c; since we do not have any delay in CLTS, we can respond TRUE and We should exclude CLTS with this also avoid the error message.    In case of CLGET_NODELAYONERR, we have option to either return FAIL (because we do not actually support this feature, or we can return the value TRUE because we do not have delays. I opted to return FAIL. call. 

 Picked up commit: 
     From commit abaf4828550b88d73efa96bfe849d5e6298dca26 (skipped HA fix) 
     Author: Sai Chakravarthy Tangudu <> 
     Date:     Wed May 31 13:58:43 2017 +0530 

     ZEBI-14402 - Multiple daemon.errors during lock tests and switchovers 

     Reviewers: Suresh J, Santosh Pradhan, Naresh Inna 
     Risk: Low