SMBSTAT(8) Maintenance Procedures SMBSTAT(8)


smbstat - report SMB server statistics


smbstat [-ctu] [-r [-anz]] [interval]


The smbstat command shows statistical information for the SMB server,
including any or all of the following four categories: counters,
throughput, utilization, requests. By default, smbstat shows throughput
and utilization.


-c Display counters. The columns shown are:
nbt NetBIOS connections
tcp TCP connections
users logged on users
trees share connections
files open files and directories
pipes open named pipes

-r Display request data, one row for each SMB command. The columns
shown are, for each request type:
(name) command name
code command code
% % of requests that fall in this row
rbytes/s received bytes per second
tbytes/s transmitted bytes per second
reqs/s requests per second
rt-mean response time average
rt-stddev response time standard deviation

-t Display throughput. The columns shown are:
rbytes/s received bytes per second
tbytes/s transmitted bytes per second
reqs/s requests per second
reads/s number of read requests per second
writes/s number of write requests per second

-u Display utilization. The columns shown are:
wcnt average number of waiting requests
rcnt average number of running requests
wtime average wait time per request
rtime average run time per request
w% % of time there were waiting requests
r% % of time there were running requests
u% utilization, computed as rcnt/max_workers
sat has the server been "saturated" (u% at 100)
usr% % of CPU time in user space
sys% % of CPU time in kernel
idle% % of CPU time spent idle

The -r option supports additional modifiers including:

-a show "all" request types (including unsupported ones)

-n "name" order (sort by request name)

-z suppress "zero" count rows (types for which none were received)


When interval is specified, smbstat runs in a loop, printing the
requested output every interval seconds. When no interval is
specified, the statistics presented are based on running averages
accumulated since the system started. The first output shows the
same cumulative statistics one would see without the interval
specified, and subsequent outputs represent the activity in the
interval that just finished.


Uncommitted. Output format is Not-an-Interface.


sharectl(8), sharemgr(8), smbadm(8), smbd(8)

OmniOS November 22, 2013 OmniOS