• DilOS

    illumos based distr with Debian package manager (dpkg+apt)

  • Graphics/DRM

    The illumos port of Linux DRM and related graphics software. Source code hosted at

  • illumos Catalan Support

    l10n into catalan language.

  • illumos Chinese Support

    This project supports the English-Chinese translation of Illumos Documentation and all other Illumos related information.

  • illumos Doc Translate

    This project supports the English-Spanish translate for the Illumos Documentation

  • illumos Documentation Project

    This project holds the documentation of the Illumos operating system.

    • Documentation Generation

      The docgen project is dedicated to ensuring that the illumos documentation is of a high standard and aims to provide the resources to enable the other documentation projects fulfill their needs better and will help ensure that quality is at a consistent level....

  • illumos gate

    Community developed and maintained fork of the OpenSolaris core (OS/Net consolidation).

    • IKE

      A replacement for the closed IKEv1 bits, as well as IKEv2 support.

    • mpt

      Open replacement for mpt driver

    • NFS Lock Manager

      Replace the closed-source NFS Lock Manager

    • SVR4 Packaging

      This projects aims to have support for Illumos SVR4 package generation.

  • illumos Hybrid PMS

    Illumos Hybrid PMS is a project to port The Written Word Inc. tool set and its package source tree to illumos.

    In doing so, good relationship still maintained with old SVR4 camp and in the mean time we can use modern PMS technology for software package management tasks. ...

  • illumos Package Manager

    Project about the creation of a package manager, its GUI and command line.

  • illumos-userland

    illumos userland porting project with support for generating Debian & IPS packages. For documentation please see:

  • NFS-4.1

    NFSv41 with pNFS

    Repository is at
  • illumos Swedish Support

    l10n of illumos in Swedish

  • illumos French Support

    This project supports the English-French translation of illumos Documentation and all other illumos related information.

  • illumos HA Cluster

    High Availability Cluster for illumos, based in OHAC/colorado code.

  • OpenIndiana Distribution

    OpenIndiana is a continuation of the OpenSolaris operating system. It was conceived during the period of uncertainty following the Oracle takeover of Sun Microsystems, after several months passed with no binary updates made available to the public. The formation proved timely, as Oracle discontinued OpenSolaris soon after in favour of Solaris 11 Express, a binary distribution with a more closed development model which debuted later that year....

  • OpenIndiana SFE

    OpenIndiana SFE provides binary packages from the Spec Files Extra project for OpenIndiana.

    It has a page for users and a page about how the packages are created at the OpenIndindiana Wiki....

  • OS/Net Skeleton

    This is a skeleton of an "OS/Net" (illumos) build.
    You can use it to build drivers, libraries, and commands, that you might plan to later integrate into illumos, but don't want to wait for full illumos builds while you're developing your code.

    See usr/src/Readme.txt for more details....

  • site

    This is the place to report bugs about the website, not the illumos software. Click here: if you're looking for the illumos software project.

    • anonhgsh

      This is the anonhgsh source code, borrowed from OpenSolaris, but updated to work with hg-ssh access.conf lists, so the bits are not baked in the binary.


    CIFS (Common Internet File System) and SMB (Server Message Block): notes, documentation, works in progress, etc.

  • StormOS-Next

    A new distro which aims brings Gentoo's portage to illumos

  • The Illumos pkgsrc project

    The Illumos pkgsrc project

    This project is about making NetBSD's pkgsrc shine on Illumos/Openindiana. Pkgsrc already work on Illumos/Openindiana, but really need some love to make it shine.

    Bootstrap and manage pkgsrc under Illumos/Openindiana...

  • ZFS Encryption Support

    Project to bring support for on-disk encryption to open ZFS.

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