From 2012-05-06 to 2012-06-04


04:04 PM Bug #2830 (Resolved): component imagemagick fails to build
The version of imagemagick in userland (6.3.4-2) does not support the default version of libpng on illumian (libpng-1... Andrew Stormont
12:29 PM Bug #2829 (Resolved): ACLOCAL, AUTOMAKE and AUTORECONF should be exported
As we don't have symlinks for the default aclocal, automake and autoreconf versions we need to export these from shar... Andrew Stormont
12:08 PM Bug #2828 (Resolved): debmaker should be executable
./tools/debmaker should be executable otherwise 'gmake deb' will fail. Andrew Stormont
11:49 AM Bug #2827 (Resolved): subversion should use $(CC) when building perl modules
Pretty simple. Subversion ignores $(CC) when building perl modules.
Proposed fix (save as ./components/subversion...
Andrew Stormont
11:09 AM Bug #2826 (Resolved): component gdb fails to build against readline6
Gdb uses "readline_echoing_p" which has been renamed to "_rl_echoing_p" in readline 6 which causes a build failure.
Andrew Stormont
10:53 AM Bug #2825 (Resolved): component guile fails to build
guile uses a libtool extension which is no longer supported (lt_preloaded_symbols) which causes a build failure. Not... Andrew Stormont
10:33 AM Bug #2824 (Resolved): component bcc should use $(CC) for COMPONENT_PRE_BUILD_ACTION
bcc does use $(CC) for the build, but not for the COMPONENT_PRE_BUILD_ACTION. This can cause a build failure on some... Andrew Stormont
10:26 AM Bug #1833: userland can't download guilt sources
There are a few mirrors of guilt around that we could use instead. Here is what I'm currently using:... Andrew Stormont
09:52 AM Bug #2823 (Resolved): component zip should use $(CC)
component zip does not use $(CC) which can cause a build failure on some environments like illumian.
Proposed fix:...
Andrew Stormont
09:46 AM Bug #2822 (Resolved): building wireshark with studio can cause OOM
building wireshark with studio using the default optimisation level (-xO4) causes my VM to exhaust its 2GB of RAM.
Andrew Stormont
09:29 AM Bug #2821 (Resolved): component zlib fails to build
My changeset for #2632 adds --build to the default configure options which causes zlib to fail to build because its b... Andrew Stormont
09:25 AM Bug #2820 (Resolved): component unzip should use $(CC)
component unzip does not use $(CC) which can cause a build failure on some environments like illumian.
Proposed fi...
Andrew Stormont
09:18 AM Bug #2819 (Resolved): component ipmitool fails to build
ipmitool needs to run aclocal after libtool or the source wont build.
Proposed fix:...
Andrew Stormont
09:10 AM Bug #2818 (Resolved): component gdb fails to build
My changeset for #2632 introduced the x86_64-pc-solaris2.11 gnu triplet type for 64bit builds but many build systems ... Andrew Stormont
09:04 AM Bug #2817 (Resolved): component gd2 fails to build
gd2 fails to build with libtool errors. It seems the version of libtool included with gd2 doesn't play well with the... Andrew Stormont
08:57 AM Bug #2816 (Resolved): pam_pkcs11 fails to build
pam_pkcs11 wants some symbols in libsocket but does not link against it. Proposed fix:... Andrew Stormont


02:21 PM Bug #2808 (Resolved): userland-fetch can run out of memory validating large files
userland-fetch attempts to read the entire contents of the file it is validating into memory which can cause a Memory... Andrew Stormont


05:54 PM Feature #2806 (Resolved): Add APR_VERSION variable
Add APR_VERSION so that building against a different version of APR does not require hacking component makefiles/mani... Andrew Stormont


01:29 PM Bug #2722 (Resolved): assembler can fail with some locales
binutils fails to build with "Illegal character" errors when using studio. Setting LC_ALL="C" makes the errors go away. Andrew Stormont
01:17 PM Bug #2721 (New): illumian-userland fails to build in its entirety
Subject says it all. Andrew Stormont
01:08 PM Bug #2719: WS_TOP is not passed to bass-o-matic
take a look
export WS_TOP ?= $(shell hg root)
if you don't have HG repo - you have problems.
Igor Kozhukhov
12:44 PM Bug #2719 (Resolved): WS_TOP is not passed to bass-o-matic
top level userland builds fail because --workspace is not passed to bass-o-matic in components/Makefile at lines 112 ... Andrew Stormont

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