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3081BugResolvedNormalmove all perl components into a subdirectoryAndrew Stormont2012-08-15 09:40 AM

3069BugResolvedNormalapt-cache segfaults if /var/lib/apt/lists does not existAndrew Stormont2012-08-10 01:25 PM

3033FeatureResolvedNormalneed a way to upgrade from apt => package-dpkg-aptAndrew Stormont2012-07-25 05:27 PM

3005FeatureResolvedNormalSupport development out of bzrAndrew Stormont2012-07-17 12:23 PM

3004FeatureResolvedNormalintegrate package for berkeleydb46Andrew Stormont2012-07-17 12:12 PM

3003FeatureResolvedNormalintegrate package for bzrAndrew Stormont2012-07-16 04:49 PM

2980BugResolvedNormalDEBVERSION needs updating to 1.1.2Andrew Stormont2012-07-09 05:32 PM

2972BugResolvedNormalDEBVERSION needs updating to 1.1.1Andrew Stormont2012-07-06 10:08 AM

2966BugResolvedNormalneed a way to upgrade from dpkg => package-dpkgAndrew Stormont2012-07-06 10:18 AM

2963BugResolvedNormalstandardise method used to create configure scriptsAndrew Stormont2012-07-05 09:46 AM

2961BugResolvedNormaluserland-unpack can't handle absolute pathsAndrew Stormont2012-07-03 11:53 AM

2960BugResolvedNormalLC_ALL should also be set for install and test targetsAndrew Stormont2012-07-03 10:44 AM should pass --sysconfdir in CONFIGURE_OPTIONSAndrew Stormont2012-07-03 10:42 AM

2956BugResolvedNormaldebmaker should add replaces for renamed packagesAndrew Stormont2012-07-02 12:03 PM

2952FeatureResolvedNormalupdate gettext to 0.18Andrew Stormont2012-06-30 07:47 PM

2951FeatureResolvedNormalintegrate gnu iconv from s10-userlandAndrew Stormont2012-06-30 09:38 AM

2929FeatureResolvedNormaldebmaker needs support for conditional dependenciesAndrew Stormont2012-06-25 10:24 AM

2924FeatureResolvedNormaldebmaker should be aware of renamed packagesAndrew Stormont2012-06-30 09:32 AM

2918BugResolvedHighdebmaker should support versioned dependenciesAndrew Stormont2012-06-23 06:24 PM

2906FeatureResolvedNormalneed to package perl file-fcntllock module.Andrew Stormont2012-06-21 03:25 PM

2874FeatureResolvedNormalmakefiles should do nothing when included multiple timesAndrew Stormont2012-06-23 08:16 PM

2870FeatureResolvedNormalintegrate package for debianutilsAndrew Stormont2012-07-16 02:51 PM

2865FeatureResolvedNormalintegrate package for apt-getAndrew Stormont2012-07-25 05:24 PM

2864FeatureResolvedNormalintegrate package for dpkgAndrew Stormont2012-07-04 09:09 AM

2863FeatureResolvedNormalintegrate package for debootstrapAndrew Stormont2012-07-16 02:35 PM

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