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3452BugNewHighdisk list update2013-01-19 05:57 AM

3209BugNewHighzpool cache file damaged2013-01-25 08:42 PM

2953FeatureNewHighProvide a USB installation image.2012-06-30 04:52 PM

2914BugNewNormalpo4a should be named developer-build-po4a2012-06-22 11:30 AM

2913BugNewNormaldeveloper-build-intltool conflicts with developer-gnome-gettext2012-06-22 11:19 AM

2912BugNewNormalpo4a package installs scripts in /usr/perl5/5.12/bin2012-06-22 11:12 AM

2833BugNewHighWiki page: building illumos-userland broken description2012-06-05 09:46 AM

2771SupportNewNormalApache package bug(?)2012-05-24 12:21 PM

2444BugNewNormalsystem-library-mozilla-nss is dependency for system-library2012-03-23 09:29 AM

2405BugFeedbackNormalWrong dependencies for network-iscsi-target2012-03-15 07:22 PM

2259BugNewNormalgcc-4.6 is missing dependency on developer-library-lint2012-04-13 12:38 AM

2258BugNewHighgcc-4.6: cc1 is not executable2012-03-09 11:53 AM

2246BugNewHighiscsit dependencies missing 2012-09-18 12:30 AM

2158BugNewNormalbeadm activate fails2012-02-21 02:09 PM

2122BugNewNormalInstaller does not work with Supermicro IPMI USB CD-ROM/keyboard2012-02-13 01:24 PM

2095SupportFeedbackNormaltcpd is missing need for doing nagios NRPE2012-02-10 03:02 PM

2090BugNewLowHas anyone managed to boot illumian inside a Parallels Desktop VM?2012-02-11 04:33 AM

2086FeatureNewNormalAdopt Debian Social Contract for Illumian2012-02-08 12:41 AM

2082BugNewNormalapt-clone expects the system zpool be called syspool but it gets installed as rpool2013-06-06 08:26 PM

2081BugNewNormalMake browseable2012-02-05 02:35 PM

1903FeatureNewNormaleclipse2011-12-19 11:09 AM

1840BugNewNormalPackage: release-name2012-02-07 02:32 PM

1839BugNewNormalInstaller/configuration: Keyboard settings not saved2012-10-13 08:04 PM

1674FeatureNewLowAdded screen as default2011-10-21 08:35 AM


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