From 2010-11-04 to 2010-12-03


01:42 AM Bug #395 (Closed): Humster fails at start
Guido Berhörster
01:28 AM Bug #305 (Resolved): evolution 2.30 (+exchange) mostly broken
Guido Berhörster


09:55 AM Support #426 (Rejected): updating SFW 153
You need to rebase the patches on top of the newer SFW, you can do that either manually or using the rebase extansion... Guido Berhörster
09:36 AM Bug #305: evolution 2.30 (+exchange) mostly broken
For reference, this seems to be fixed is in JDS b153: Guido Berhörster


07:14 PM Bug #428 (Rejected): "System detected 32 cpus, but "... on live media
When booting from live media on even a UP machine, the odd message, "System detected 32 cpus, but only 1 cpu(s) were ... Albert Lee


10:49 AM Bug #427 (Resolved): pkg needs release notes URL
Albert Lee


11:10 PM Support #426 (Rejected): updating SFW 153
not so familiar with mercurial,
I did a hg clone
and I'd like to merge in mq_sfw...
Richard PALO


08:08 AM Bug #395: Humster fails at start
It's problem of old database format. Hamster run successfully after database deletion. Maxim Kondratovich


07:34 PM Bug #218 (Resolved): packages to add/remove
I think this is all covered. I kept the renames of everything in 148 to "os-backgrounds" "os-welcome", etc. though. Albert Lee
08:21 AM Bug #167: something should depend upon pkg:/locale/en
I think this is an installer problem. Also there are now many other reasonable locale choices.
I'm moving this t...
Garrett D'Amore


04:53 AM Bug #415 (Closed): pkg:/service/network/samba@3.5.4-0.147 broken
pfexec pkg refresh --full
pkg search -l /usr/lib/
Predrag Zečević
04:44 AM Bug #205: Crash in package manager
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Package Manager
2. Push "Updates" button, after checking updates, package manager won't...
Michael Kosarev


08:18 PM Feature #222 (In Progress): Missing Postgresql from pkg repos
Albert Lee
08:16 PM Bug #192 (In Progress): Need to package mogrify the IPS vendor strings
Adding a transform to pkg-gate's src/util/publish/set-publisher.transforms to enforce this for all imported packages. Albert Lee
08:06 PM Bug #233 (Resolved): About OpenIndiana Dialog Displays Opensolaris
Albert Lee
07:59 PM Bug #241: Brasero 2.30.0 not work!!
Resetting target (this will be fixed when JDS moves to a newer build). Albert Lee
07:58 PM Bug #261 (In Progress): groff has localization issues when calling man
Albert Lee
07:57 PM Bug #200 (Resolved): up-to-date l10n packages for Firefox and Thunderbird needed
Albert Lee
07:49 PM Bug #379 (New): Sporadic ZFS I/O hangs
Jan-Peter Koopmann wrote:
> Hi Albert,
> I might be missing something obvious in that article but in my case th...
Albert Lee


07:10 AM Bug #414: openjdk build
Update: apparently there is recently a bit of flux in the websites.
I was finally able to build (after a...
Richard PALO


11:25 PM Bug #414 (Closed): openjdk build
Sorry, I haven't figured out how to add comments in the OpenIndiana WIKI as the keyword always fails...
How to get...
Richard PALO


03:27 PM Bug #266 (Closed): virtualbox installation ignore usb enhancements
Fixed upstream: Guido Berhörster
01:27 PM Bug #399 (Rejected): Firefox Crashes
OpenIndiana currently delivers Firefox 3.6.8 so you must have installed it from a different source. If it is a contri... Guido Berhörster


10:38 AM Bug #399 (Rejected): Firefox Crashes
Running OI b147 on an amd64 system. Whenever I try to download a file, Firefox crashes. It generates a core file, whi... Shawn Webb

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