From 2011-12-16 to 2012-01-14


08:33 PM Bug #415: pkg:/service/network/samba@3.5.4-0.147 broken
this problem is gone:
$ uname -a
SunOS solarix 5.11 oi_151a i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris
$ pkg search -l /usr/...
Predrag Zečević
04:03 PM Bug #415: pkg:/service/network/samba@3.5.4-0.147 broken
I thought fixes went into both SFW and illumos for this. (And we seem to be on 3.5.5 in /dev.)
Can someone confirm...
Jon Tibble
04:32 PM Bug #495 (New): oi_148 and illumos-gate
This is fixed in /dev but seems broken everywhere else.
Not a stable issue, an experimental issue.
Jon Tibble
03:02 PM Bug #1164: virt-manager dependency error
Can someone confirm if this is fixed with the current manifest in /dev please?
Jon Tibble
02:59 PM Feature #1255 (Resolved): pkg.oi.o/experimental repo required for oi-build
We've had the repo for quite a while now! Jon Tibble


07:19 PM Bug #1131: Feedback-alias:
It seems like line 846 of /usr/ddu/ and /usr/ddu/utils/ lines 79, 81, 229, 231, 288, and 320 ...
Jon Strabala
06:56 PM Bug #1131: Feedback-alias:
Refer to - it would be very nice if the DDU would E-mail ... Jon Strabala
05:56 PM Bug #1975 (In Progress): in.named.1m not found
I'll make that my first contribution then, I'll modify the p5m file and try to build and test.
It migh be messy (ne...
Sebastien Perreault
05:09 PM Bug #1975: in.named.1m not found
While on Solaris it is in system/manual (and missing on OpenIndiana), it would be much better to have it as part of t... Milan Jurik


04:58 PM Bug #1975 (Closed): in.named.1m not found
Seems like bind man page are not available in the repos.
Should we include the man page directly in service/networ...
Sebastien Perreault


06:52 PM Feature #1969: Forcing all DNS queries to use DNSSEC
I think currently libresolv2 does not support DNSSEC. As possible workaround you can use caching DNS server to valida... Milan Jurik


05:00 PM Feature #1969 (Closed): Forcing all DNS queries to use DNSSEC
Can the DNS client in the next patched release of OpenIndiana be configured by use of "dnssec enable/disable"...
r a


10:14 AM Bug #1947 (Closed): oi151a Unable to change keyboard language anyhow
There are no additional languages in "Input methods - Languages / Scripts"
Was able in 148
Alexander S.


07:34 PM Feature #1943: Add Leafpad to dev or experimental repo
SFE contains leafpad spec, it could be added to OI SFE repo quickly. Milan Jurik
06:29 PM Bug #1933 (Feedback): wireless network disappears after install. Was visible in live mode.
If you as root do:
svcadm restart svc:/network/physical:nwam
will it connect correctly?
Which WiFi client de...
Milan Jurik
02:32 AM Bug #1908 (New): distro-constructor fails because of the new 'tr'
__nextwctype was introduced in the new locale code in illumos, and previously didn't exist. distro-constructor is app... Albert Lee


10:05 PM Feature #1943 (Closed): Add Leafpad to dev or experimental repo
Fast and simple notepad...
successfully compiled with using these depen...
Radek R


07:29 PM Bug #1934 (Feedback): Fan is always on
For this and other issues you reported - do you get any ACPI related errors in dmesg? Yuri Pankov
01:52 PM Bug #1939 (Rejected): IBM T42,terminal bell sound causes system freeze for 1 minute
On my IBM Thinkpad T42 (OI151a installed) i probably have a bug in driver audio810. When i press TAB in Gnome termina... Radek R


03:39 PM Bug #1135: intel driver stops updating the screen sometimes
I am not sure if this is the same bug ,
but freezing X on oi151 on my hardware (Intel 945, Dell latitude D620) is re...
Nikola M.
03:29 PM Bug #1424: Upgrading from 2010.05 (134b) fails
Update from Opensolaris 2009.06 and Over snv_134 form /legacy to Openindiana 151a does not work again.
As explaine...
Nikola M.


07:57 PM Bug #1935 (Closed): Unable to change screen brightness
cannot change screen brightness. Neither via the hotkeys of the laptop nor by the slider in power management.
Adam A R
07:56 PM Bug #1934 (Rejected): Fan is always on
Fan is continuosly on. This reduces battery life.
Also, the "Device Driver Utility" shows two unknown devices.
Adam A R
07:49 PM Bug #1933 (Closed): wireless network disappears after install. Was visible in live mode.
When in live mode, I was able to see the network from my Cisco wireless router. I was even able to connect to the sam... Adam A R
07:47 PM Bug #1932 (Closed): UI icons unable to launch applications
on clicking the network icon in the top left corner, a window to enter password appears, no matter how many times you... Adam A R


03:41 PM Bug #1908: distro-constructor fails because of the new 'tr'
A documented fix to this 'tr' issue to build distributions from a oi_151a (or a nightly BE) for this would be appreci... Jon Strabala


12:52 AM Bug #1531 (Resolved): OI-packaged screen terminal definition conflicts with recent illumos-gate change
Was fixed in oi_151a so marking as resolved. Patch to be made public in pkg-gate before marking as closed. Jon Tibble


02:21 PM Bug #1207: distro-const script boot_archive_configure mkdir problem
The better way is to define MKDIR in the first place.
Piotr Jasiukajtis
07:30 AM Bug #1864: Right click CIFS shares causes error to log in /var/adm/messages
Duplicate of #1868 (and filed under a wrong project anyway). Yuri Pankov


06:27 PM Bug #1908 (Feedback): distro-constructor fails because of the new 'tr'
The relocation error is here because distro constructor uses 'tr' from the building packages. In this case it was b14... Piotr Jasiukajtis
01:13 PM Bug #1908 (Closed): distro-constructor fails because of the new 'tr'
# uname -v
The 'tr' was introduced by illumos - it's an open source replacement....
Piotr Jasiukajtis


11:57 AM Bug #495 (Feedback): oi_148 and illumos-gate
Broken again on 151. Andrew Stormont

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