From 2012-01-10 to 2012-02-08


06:11 AM Bug #2089 (New): Unable to create flow on data link
I have a physical interface igb0 and a virtual link called oi0.
root@sjc3:/# dladm show-vnic
Anil Jangity


07:21 PM Feature #1969: Forcing all DNS queries to use DNSSEC
At present I have configured DNS on my OpenIndiana installation to support DNSSEC queries by enabling DNSSEC and inst... r a


02:47 PM Bug #1934: Fan is always on
I'm on a stationary system using AMD Phenom II X4 and a Radeon HD 5770. I wrote the following in the OpenIndiana mail... Robin Axelsson


10:32 PM Bug #580: Xorg failure when using the radeon driver with ATI Juniper GPU on oi_b148
I have performed a complete reinstall of OpenIndiana after replacing the motherboard and the hard drive. The new inst... Robin Axelsson
05:53 PM Bug #1522: eject fails for normal user
In Illumos fixed by #2045 Milan Jurik


06:26 PM Bug #2005: time-slider zfs-send plugin no working
zfs-send fails and reports:...
Johan Postema
06:18 PM Bug #1013: time-slider fails to take snapshots on complex dataset/snapshot configuration
jpkoopmann reported an issue which is similar to the issue above:
zfs property "com.sun:auto-snapshot(:*)=...
Johan Postema
12:00 AM Bug #1271: Attempting to install everything throws up interesting errors
These all look fixed in both /dev and /prestable except visual-panels/doc.
Changing assignee as appropriate.
Jon Tibble


08:15 PM Bug #1542 (Resolved): Mozilla library regression
Fixed in prestable0 Jon Tibble


10:43 PM Bug #990: pkg:/database/sqlite-3 installs empty manpage
Dunno why it was assigned to SFW but consolidation=gnome is JDS Jon Tibble
10:14 PM Bug #2001 (In Progress): Update wireshark to 1.4.11
Jon Tibble
07:49 PM Bug #2029 (Closed): gtkam crashing
Late time I used gtkam on OpenIndiana to download photos from my Nikon L20 digital camera it worked perfectly and had... r a
07:33 PM Bug #1947: oi151a Unable to change keyboard language anyhow
Doesn't work in 151 and 151.1.1.
IIMF settings are in System -> Preferences -> IIM Input Methods
-> tab Languages...
Maxim Kondratovich
05:48 PM Bug #2027 (Closed): installing time-slider does not force re-read of dbus configuration files
Steps to reproduce:
1. Install oi151a text. Reboot.
2. Login. Run:...
Jan Owoc
01:55 PM Feature #2025 (Closed): Add 64-bit install option to GRUB menu
Add a 64 bit install option on the GRUB menu for users with a >1TB install/boot disk.
Ken Mays
01:45 PM Bug #1999 (Closed): Cannot install OI on machine with big (>1TB?) disk
I'll see if they want to add this to the menus for oi_151 stable release under another ticket.
Issues with root on...
Ken Mays
07:38 AM Bug #1999 (Feedback): Cannot install OI on machine with big (>1TB?) disk
That did work - thanks. Do you have a link that explains why OI's root shouldn't be on big drives?
Also, I'd sugg...
Justin Santa Barbara


10:18 PM Bug #1071 (Resolved): kdestroy generates console errors for GSSAPI-related kernel modules
Integrated into prestable0 Jon Tibble
04:51 AM Bug #1664: /usr/perl5/bin needs to be split into its own package
If we update pkg in /dev to the 173 backport, then we can use mediated symlinks - to let the user select which perl i... Josef Sipek


08:22 PM Bug #1522 (In Progress): eject fails for normal user
hal should verify if eject is from user logged to the system. The bug is in HAL itself, it checks /dev/console owner ... Milan Jurik
07:59 PM Bug #1851: C++0x <thread> header: std::this_thread::sleep_for is missing. _GLIBCXX_USE_NANOSLEEP not correctly set.
Isn't this GCC upstream bug? Milan Jurik
07:00 PM Feature #2006 (Closed): add muCommander to SFE
"muCommander is a lightweight, cross-platform file manager with a dual-pane interface. It runs on any operating syste... Radek R
12:23 PM Bug #1013: time-slider fails to take snapshots on complex dataset/snapshot configuration
There is a small bug in the above fix where ... Johan Postema
11:58 AM Bug #2005 (Resolved): time-slider zfs-send plugin no working
The time-slider zfs-send plugin is not working on oi151a.
(PS: when using time-slider on oi15a you might also be i...
Johan Postema
11:31 AM Bug #1999 (Closed): Cannot install OI on machine with big (>1TB?) disk
Closing ticket.
Various workarounds are posted on the Net. You can go into grub and
do this with select the 64-b...
Ken Mays


08:54 PM Bug #1999 (Feedback): Cannot install OI on machine with big (>1TB?) disk
Test this workaround:
Ken Mays
08:51 PM Bug #1997 (Feedback): C++ exception handling problems with -m64?
Using Justin's code with SFEgcc 4.6.1,REV=
1. g++ -m32 : PASS
2. g++ -m64 tes...
Ken Mays
03:41 PM Bug #2001 (Resolved): Update wireshark to 1.4.11
We currently have wireshark 1.2.10 which is getting a bit old.
Our friends at O. have just updated to 1.4.11:...
Gordon Ross
01:32 PM Feature #892 (Closed): Gnome 3.0
The latest JDS consolidation, as of today, is still based on GNOME 2.30.2.
No plans to use GNOME 3.0 for the OI stab...
Ken Mays
11:34 AM Bug #1995 (Resolved): download links are broken
The issue has been resolved today. It was a matter of a mis-configuration on our newest DLC mirror server, which wasn... Jeppe Toustrup


11:57 PM Bug #1999 (Closed): Cannot install OI on machine with big (>1TB?) disk
Using the server CD, I can't install onto a big hard drive. The error message is: "disk has <N> blocks, which is too... Justin Santa Barbara
10:04 PM Bug #1997: C++ exception handling problems with -m64?
This looks to be related to library loading order:
Justin Santa Barbara
08:31 PM Bug #1997 (Closed): C++ exception handling problems with -m64?
I'm having some problems with C++ and -m64, where it works with -m32. I'm running OI151a with GCC 4.6.2 from SFE. T... Justin Santa Barbara
07:03 AM Bug #1995 (Resolved): download links are broken
550 failed to change directory.
andy grover


10:29 AM Bug #1013: time-slider fails to take snapshots on complex dataset/snapshot configuration
I ran against this issue on oi151a with
Johan Postema


08:37 PM Bug #1137 (Resolved): Upstream issue with package manifests breaks pkg5 update operations
Integrated into prestable0 Jon Tibble
08:32 PM Bug #1272 (Resolved): Postgres package broken in /dev-il
Fixed in oi_151a, doesn't need to target stable.
Ken, if you want to remove 82 and 83 could you file another bug p...
Jon Tibble
08:29 PM Feature #1619 (Resolved): Mercurial needs to transition to python2.6
Integrated into prestable0 Jon Tibble
08:27 PM Bug #1669 (Resolved): Backport e1000g update
Integrated into prestable0 Jon Tibble
08:26 PM Bug #1782 (Resolved): Illumos tzdata update
Integrated into prestable0 Jon Tibble
08:24 PM Bug #944 (Resolved): Backport fix for doo #17112 (zones add publishers in wrong order)
Integrated into prestable0 Jon Tibble


10:17 PM Bug #1987 (Closed): dbus taking 100% of cpu
After my 151a machine had about 39 days of uptime with heavy X11 use, top noticed that dbus-daemon was taking 100% of... Jeffrey Baitis
09:01 PM Feature #1943: Add Leafpad to dev or experimental repo
Milan Jurik wrote:
> SFE contains leafpad spec, it could be added to OI SFE repo quickly.
Alex Viskovatoff


08:33 PM Bug #415: pkg:/service/network/samba@3.5.4-0.147 broken
this problem is gone:
$ uname -a
SunOS solarix 5.11 oi_151a i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris
$ pkg search -l /usr/...
Predrag Zečević
04:03 PM Bug #415: pkg:/service/network/samba@3.5.4-0.147 broken
I thought fixes went into both SFW and illumos for this. (And we seem to be on 3.5.5 in /dev.)
Can someone confirm...
Jon Tibble
04:32 PM Bug #495 (New): oi_148 and illumos-gate
This is fixed in /dev but seems broken everywhere else.
Not a stable issue, an experimental issue.
Jon Tibble
03:02 PM Bug #1164: virt-manager dependency error
Can someone confirm if this is fixed with the current manifest in /dev please?
Jon Tibble
02:59 PM Feature #1255 (Resolved): pkg.oi.o/experimental repo required for oi-build
We've had the repo for quite a while now! Jon Tibble


07:19 PM Bug #1131: Feedback-alias:
It seems like line 846 of /usr/ddu/ and /usr/ddu/utils/ lines 79, 81, 229, 231, 288, and 320 ...
Jon Strabala
06:56 PM Bug #1131: Feedback-alias:
Refer to - it would be very nice if the DDU would E-mail ... Jon Strabala
05:56 PM Bug #1975 (In Progress): in.named.1m not found
I'll make that my first contribution then, I'll modify the p5m file and try to build and test.
It migh be messy (ne...
Sebastien Perreault
05:09 PM Bug #1975: in.named.1m not found
While on Solaris it is in system/manual (and missing on OpenIndiana), it would be much better to have it as part of t... Milan Jurik


04:58 PM Bug #1975 (Closed): in.named.1m not found
Seems like bind man page are not available in the repos.
Should we include the man page directly in service/networ...
Sebastien Perreault

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