From 2012-02-22 to 2012-03-22


11:07 PM Bug #580: Xorg failure when using the radeon driver with ATI Juniper GPU on oi_b148
See for possible resolution. KMS support needed in kernel for full feature support. Ken Mays
07:05 PM Bug #1625: Xorg hang (100% CPU), nvidia-related
Ken, thanks for looking into this. I understand your reasons for closing this item -- heck, I can't even reproduce i... Marion Hakanson
03:20 PM Bug #1625 (Closed): Xorg hang (100% CPU), nvidia-related
Marion - I checked for this issue. IMHO, install Solaris 11 and check OS stability from that point. I 'closed' this t... Ken Mays
03:19 PM Bug #2156 (Feedback): Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
As the issue was reported on OI and Illumos and OI share the same bug tracking system, the report cannot be rejected ... Milan Jurik
02:54 PM Bug #2156 (Rejected): Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
OI does not provide new Wifi driver support directly. Please request this through Illumos project. Ken Mays
02:59 PM Bug #1939 (Rejected): IBM T42,terminal bell sound causes system freeze for 1 minute
Rejected. OI doesn't provide direct support for the audio drivers. Please file this under the Illumos project. Ken Mays
02:47 PM Bug #1934 (Rejected): Fan is always on
AMD Radeon HD is no longer officially supported under OI at this time (mainly due to lack of KMS in Illumos). See: ht... Ken Mays
02:25 PM Bug #2424 (Closed): Can't load X11 graphic on ATi Radeon HD 6470M

Ken Mays
02:18 PM Bug #2424 (Rejected): Can't load X11 graphic on ATi Radeon HD 6470M
I created binary ATI Radeon 6.14.6 drivers for oi_151a. There was someone pl...
Ken Mays
12:26 PM Feature #2441 (New): Failsafe boot option
OpenSolaris SXCE releases, as well as Solaris 10, included a "Failsafe boot" environment.
It was basically a RAMDisk...
Jim Klimov


05:21 PM Feature #1558: Relax Restrictions on Usernames
By the way, on oi_151a2 no utmp just utmpx... Richard PALO
05:19 PM Feature #1558: Relax Restrictions on Usernames
According to utmp.h... Richard PALO
02:47 PM Feature #1558: Relax Restrictions on Usernames
Isn't utmp obsolete (in favor of utmpx)?... Igor Pashev


05:02 PM Bug #2428 (Closed): imagemagick missing directory
I ran into the following error, running oi151a2, ImageMagick installed from the default repository.... Marion Hakanson


09:28 PM Bug #2424: Can't load X11 graphic on ATi Radeon HD 6470M
Because radeonhd driver bundled with OI does not support Radeon HD6xxx yet, Xorg tried to use generic VESA module and... Milan Jurik
04:20 PM Bug #2424 (Closed): Can't load X11 graphic on ATi Radeon HD 6470M
I was trying to install it on my HP341 with ATi Radeon HD6470M but I see login console. Unfortunately, I lost the err... Ahmad Muhajir


08:21 AM Feature #1233: Bind 9.8 with RFC 5011 DNSSEC root key already defined
Bind 9.9 was released on the 29th February and includes the following improvements detailed below and includes...
r a


08:01 PM Bug #2347: file-roller borks on networks archives
No, I haven't... unfortunately this is not really an alternative in our environment. Iscsi maybe, but I prefer not.... Richard PALO
11:41 AM Bug #2347: file-roller borks on networks archives
Have you compared behavior for NFS? Bayard Bell
04:42 PM Feature #1558: Relax Restrictions on Usernames

1. I imagine the issue involved is *much much* more than just the issues /var/adm/utmp database and the utmp utilit...
Jon Strabala
02:38 PM Feature #1558: Relax Restrictions on Usernames
This goes back to ancient days; specifically /var/adm/utmp has fixed width fields and is limited to just 8 characters... Garrett D'Amore
11:34 AM Feature #1558: Relax Restrictions on Usernames
daniel kho wrote:
> I'm not sure why this restriction in the first place, but I'm guessing it's something to do with...
Bayard Bell
11:38 AM Bug #2137: Losing FC Initiator after rebooting initiator
Given the difficulty of the issue, have you asked for support on OI isn't in a position ... Bayard Bell
11:30 AM Bug #1664: /usr/perl5/bin needs to be split into its own package
Josef Sipek wrote:
> If we update pkg in /dev to the 173 backport, then we can use mediated symlinks - to let the us...
Bayard Bell
11:27 AM Feature #1233: Bind 9.8 with RFC 5011 DNSSEC root key already defined
bind is pending upgrade, but likely not to the latest and greatest. We are also looking at providing root key automat... Bayard Bell
10:03 AM Bug #1530: perl-584 should be obsoleted rather than renamed
This allows broken packaging to go unnoticed, and having dependencies on 5.8.4 survive means that removing the placeh... Bayard Bell
10:01 AM Bug #2417 (Closed): remove python 2.4
Python 2.4 is unsupported and has security issues. Once the handful of dependencies are transitioned, it should be re... Bayard Bell
10:00 AM Bug #2416 (Closed): transition remaining python dependencies to 2.6
There are a handful of dependencies on python 2.4 left, one of which is onbld, which should now be able to convert. I... Bayard Bell
09:57 AM Bug #2415 (Closed): upgrade system perl from 5.10 to 5.12
There are a number of security issues with 5.10 that aren't patched because it's no longer supported. illumian has al... Bayard Bell
09:52 AM Bug #752 (Feedback): add default iscsi ports to /etc/inet/services
This needs an upstream issue/fix. Bayard Bell


08:12 PM Feature #2144 (Feedback): RSS feed for torrents
I use flexget for similar broadcatching functionality. Bayard Bell
08:10 PM Bug #2232 (Rejected): No kclient
Bayard Bell
08:04 PM Feature #208 (Feedback): Support GPT
This isn't simply a Caiman issue: the illumos kernel doesn't boot off GPT and/or EFI. This needs to be addressed in t... Bayard Bell
08:02 PM Bug #1537 (In Progress): CVE-2011-3192
Bayard Bell
08:02 PM Bug #1537: CVE-2011-3192
This is pending a patch in illumos-userland and will be back-ported to OI from there. Bayard Bell
08:00 PM Feature #1806 (In Progress): Separate "tzdata" and "tzcode" from SUNWcs into separate packages
This has already been done in the illumos upstream and should be pulled into the oi sustaining repo for the latest pr... Bayard Bell


03:31 PM Bug #1179: ZFS time-slider and auto-snapshots not working due to missing zfssnap-roleadd SMF service
It clearly doesn't work on a fresh 151a install here Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk


12:11 PM Bug #2168 (Closed): samba 3.5.5 major winbind bug
A fixed package is available: service/network/samba@3.5.8,5.11-1.1:20111010T030218Z in oi-experimental. The work in t... Ken Mays
11:27 AM Bug #1441 (Rejected): cpqary3 driver is old and causes panic in oi_151
Rejected, due to "won't fix" status due to HP licensing restrictions. Ken Mays


01:18 PM Bug #2347 (Closed): file-roller borks on networks archives
I could swear this used to work fine...
I have different type of archives (zip, gz, bz2, 7z) on network file systems...
Richard PALO
07:06 AM Bug #2274 (Feedback): Click after shutdown
Do you mean you hear "beep" during reboot?
Do you have the lastest BIOS version applied on your laptop?
Milan Jurik


02:24 PM Bug #2274 (Closed): Click after shutdown
After rebooting my laptop (HP Compaq CQ56) heard a "click", the same as
after the emergency shutdown of a button (bu...
Denis Ly


07:56 PM Bug #2168 (In Progress): samba 3.5.5 major winbind bug
Updating samba to 3.5.12 resolves this ticket. Ken Mays
07:42 PM Bug #415 (Closed): pkg:/service/network/samba@3.5.4-0.147 broken
Closed per user's review. Ken Mays
06:39 PM Feature #1721: libfuse and ntfs-3g can be part of OpenIndiana, available at install, rather than installed from sfe repo
Yes please have NTFS-3g in OI.
That's pretty much the only reason I prefer Ubuntu vs OI now.
Sean Liu


08:35 PM Bug #2156: Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
That is not list of supported HW but overview of all known HW in one public cross-platform data file. I am sorry it h... Milan Jurik
12:40 PM Bug #2156: Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
Hi, I recently found out BCM4313 was listed in upstream from Oracle:
daniel kho


07:45 PM Bug #2232: No kclient
Sorry, feel free to close. I found the right package. Michael Farnbach
06:01 PM Bug #2232 (Rejected): No kclient
kclient should be installed, but I can't find it...
# pkg search kclient
Michael Farnbach


07:29 PM Feature #2230 (Resolved): pkgbuild 1.3.104
New pkgbuild released with many fixes. Milan Jurik
11:53 AM Bug #372 (Feedback): console-kit-daemon errors during boot
I'm getting the following trying to VNC into a oi_151a2 server :
(first the last part of booting up after upgrading ...
Richard PALO


10:27 PM Bug #2225: No documentation or default instance for nis/client or nis/server
No, I'm just an idiot, it configures a default instance and I hadn't rebooted into the new BE.
That said, I still ...
Rich Ercolani
10:18 PM Bug #2225 (Closed): No documentation or default instance for nis/client or nis/server
In oi_151a (and presumably oi_148, 151a2, etc), you can install system/network/nis, but it does nothing to configure ... Rich Ercolani
09:22 PM Bug #1625: Xorg hang (100% CPU), nvidia-related
My system was in this state again when I came in to work this morning. I can confirm that (according to "intrstat 1"... Marion Hakanson
06:40 PM Bug #1975: in.named.1m not found
Since my patch was not integrated yet I've created a new patch for illumos-userland Sebastien Perreault


09:25 PM Bug #1625: Xorg hang (100% CPU), nvidia-related
A couple of new pieces of information:
(1) I've been repeatedly failing to get a good crash dump. Turns out this ...
Marion Hakanson


04:19 AM Feature #1410 (Closed): package zilstat
Illumos folk believe that the illumos-gate is a better place for it since it relies on unstable "interfaces". Josef Sipek


05:35 AM Bug #2189 (Closed): oi_151a: I/O errors with mr_sas driver
On a DELL R710 with one H700 and two H800 RAID controllers we see
zpool errors when reading several TB during a zfs ...
Denny Fliegner


01:37 PM Bug #2156: Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
pci bus 0x0002 cardnum 0x00 function 0x00: vendor 0x14e4 device 0x4727
Broadcom Corporation Device unknown
It is ...
Milan Jurik
12:47 PM Bug #2161: rebuild illumos-gate for OI after openssl upgrades
Does this affect 0.9.8 bumps as well or just bumps to v1 with the corresponding changes in lib numbers? I was planni... Jon Tibble
09:35 AM Bug #445: pkg fix reports errors in SUNWcs after reboot
mkdtab has to be replaced with SMF service and not done as it is now. Milan Jurik


03:33 PM Bug #2138 (Rejected): OpenIndiana prestable 151a2 reports 151a1 in uname -v
Yes, this isn't a bug. You should keep your zones in line with the global zone or unexpected things may happen (that... Jon Tibble


11:17 AM Bug #2174 (Resolved): pkg:/database/postgres-84/library should depend on pkg:/database/postgres-common@8.4
"pkg install database/postgres-84/library" delivers you a lot of links, but some of them target nonexistent files, be... Alexander Pyhalov
09:25 AM Bug #2168: samba 3.5.5 major winbind bug
See for possible resolution. Ken Mays


02:51 PM Bug #2156: Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
Hi Milan, here it is:
root@swiftlet:~# scanpci
pci bus 0x0000 cardnum 0x00 function 0x00: vendor 0x8086 device 0x...
daniel kho
02:35 PM Bug #2168 (Closed): samba 3.5.5 major winbind bug
When requesting lookups for BUILTIN sids, winbindd allocates new uids/gids in error.
Details: https://bugzilla.sam...
Christopher Chan


10:51 PM Bug #2166 (Closed): problem with multiple pkg install in a script
After running the napp-it wget installerscript, all installed packages are running.
(the script installs napp-it (ju...
Guenther Alka

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