From 2012-08-01 to 2012-08-30


12:16 PM Feature #532: Installer support for ZFS compression
Apparently, GRUB can also try to protect itself, by disliking the non-off value of compression on "rpool/ROOT" - comp... Jim Klimov
12:16 AM Feature #532: Installer support for ZFS compression
I checked with oi_151a5 - creating a gzip-9 compressed dataset and rsyncing contents of a snapshot of the current roo... Jim Klimov
12:06 AM Feature #829: Support installing OpenIndiana into a hierarchy of datasets
I am not sure as to *when* support of compressed root fs was added to OI/GRUB, but as of oi_151a5 I did successfully ... Jim Klimov


03:17 PM Bug #2997: Raid 1 boot disk problems when booting OI_151.1.5
I deleted the OI_151.1.5 BE and then performed a second upgrade last week. The upgrade took place without fault and t... r a


04:05 PM Bug #1084: Chinese inputmethod lost in b151
151a_prestable5 hase release, any plan on this bug?
Alasdair Lumsden wrote:
> Unfortunately we won't be able to fix...
West Farmer


10:01 PM Bug #2645: poweroff/shutdown does not turn off the computer
Did anyone figure out why some computers have this problem? It seems Open Indiana does everything so orderly includin... andy page


01:29 PM Bug #3044: CUPS printing with HP Photosmart c6200 problem
I'll check the symptom. Ryo Murakawa


04:21 PM Bug #3016: Kernel Panic with text install with HP Smart Array
Hi folks,
I am having the same issue with an HP ML370 G3. Both Text and Live installer crashes just as it is boot...
John Sloan


01:31 PM Feature #3071 (Closed): replace rdesktop 1.6.0 with 1.7.1
Can the version of rdesktop be updated to v1.7.1. This versions solves major issues with 64bit version and smartcard ... r a


07:07 PM Bug #2271: CIFS clients fail to authenticate when idmap is using IDMU
I'm having the same issue with Illumian 1.0. Anthony Germano


03:37 PM Bug #2271: CIFS clients fail to authenticate when idmap is using IDMU
I am having the same issue. I'm running oi 151a5. I tested with both Windows XP pro sp3 and Vista ultimate sp2 client... Anthony Germano

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