From 2012-08-15 to 2012-09-13


12:12 PM Feature #3186 (New): Installer: make timeouts to accept default language/keyboard
In order to allow for more unattended boots of LiveCD/LiveUSB from BIOS to X11 GUI (which can take a while, and the u... Jim Klimov


02:44 PM Feature #1254 (Closed): oi-build needs the Adobe Flash plugin for Firefox
I'm closing this as Adobe no longer supplies Flash for Solaris.
The only alternative I can see is Gnash but it's p...
Alasdair Lumsden


05:21 PM Bug #2997: Raid 1 boot disk problems when booting OI_151.1.5
I have upgraded to OI151.1.6 and the problem of booting still remains. If the RAID1 pair is fully synchronised which ... r a
12:43 PM Bug #3175: Ruby's rbconfig.rb needs improving
Oh and if you "gem update --system", pkg verify reports ruby's gem stuff as needing fixing.
I'm not sure if we car...
Alasdair Lumsden
12:28 PM Bug #3175 (Closed): Ruby's rbconfig.rb needs improving
Current issues:
1. It contains build system private information, eg:
CONFIG["configure_args"] = " '--prefix=/...
Alasdair Lumsden


04:14 AM Bug #2997: Raid 1 boot disk problems when booting OI_151.1.5
The symptom was combination issue with your LSI BIOS and OI, I think.
If you did another action to find the workarou...
Ryo Murakawa


07:46 PM Feature #1806: Separate "tzdata" and "tzcode" from SUNWcs into separate packages
system/data/zoneinfo was published for several prestable releases already, this should be closed as fixed. Milan Jurik
07:43 PM Bug #3173 (Resolved): tty support on zones under oi_151a6 does not work anymore
In used one zone for a complete soft pbx (asterisk and hylafax with iaxmodem). This worked until oi_151a5 perfectly. ... Friedrich Kink


12:26 PM Bug #3153 (Closed): oi151a6 zones see no longer added datasets
Configured datasets for zones are no longer visible inside the zones:
(660) oldn90700:/root# zonecfg -z ldapzone exp...
Olaf Bohlen
09:48 AM Bug #3148 (Resolved): bump nvidia graphics to 304.43
Bumped to 295.75 in /dev Jon Tibble


06:24 PM Bug #3148 (Resolved): bump nvidia graphics to 304.43
Please update Nvidia graphics to 304.43.
Crash bug reported for driver released in oi_151a6.
Ken Mays


10:48 AM Bug #1537 (Resolved): CVE-2011-3192
The following are in oi_151a6:
apache 2.2.22
apr 1.4.6
apr-util 1.4.1
Jon Tibble
10:44 AM Bug #3020 (Resolved): /usr/gnu/bin/cpp /usr/gnu/bin/cc must not be distributed in gcc-3
Removed in oi_151a6 Jon Tibble
10:42 AM Bug #2145 (Resolved): libsndfile needs newer version
1.0.25 in oi_151a6 Jon Tibble
10:38 AM Bug #1206 (Resolved): link libreadline with the new libtermcap (filter) library
Apparently stuff doesn't get patched if you leave it out of the Makefile!!
Fixed in oi_151a6
Jon Tibble


12:51 PM Feature #280: Changing default path to have Solaris bins first?
Sorry about beating the dead horse, but this bug keeps biting the new users trying to use e.g. ACL. It is also genera... Juho Juopperi


12:16 PM Feature #532: Installer support for ZFS compression
Apparently, GRUB can also try to protect itself, by disliking the non-off value of compression on "rpool/ROOT" - comp... Jim Klimov
12:16 AM Feature #532: Installer support for ZFS compression
I checked with oi_151a5 - creating a gzip-9 compressed dataset and rsyncing contents of a snapshot of the current roo... Jim Klimov
12:06 AM Feature #829: Support installing OpenIndiana into a hierarchy of datasets
I am not sure as to *when* support of compressed root fs was added to OI/GRUB, but as of oi_151a5 I did successfully ... Jim Klimov


03:17 PM Bug #2997: Raid 1 boot disk problems when booting OI_151.1.5
I deleted the OI_151.1.5 BE and then performed a second upgrade last week. The upgrade took place without fault and t... r a


04:05 PM Bug #1084: Chinese inputmethod lost in b151
151a_prestable5 hase release, any plan on this bug?
Alasdair Lumsden wrote:
> Unfortunately we won't be able to fix...
West Farmer


10:01 PM Bug #2645: poweroff/shutdown does not turn off the computer
Did anyone figure out why some computers have this problem? It seems Open Indiana does everything so orderly includin... andy page


01:29 PM Bug #3044: CUPS printing with HP Photosmart c6200 problem
I'll check the symptom. Ryo Murakawa


04:21 PM Bug #3016: Kernel Panic with text install with HP Smart Array
Hi folks,
I am having the same issue with an HP ML370 G3. Both Text and Live installer crashes just as it is boot...
John Sloan

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