From 2012-12-12 to 2013-01-10


03:46 PM Bug #3461 (Resolved): Librsync 0.9.7 doesn't handle large files
I believe this is because you seem to have used the stock LibRsync while there is a patch for it to correctly handle ... Evi Vanoost


12:21 PM Bug #3456 (Closed): time-sliderd shouldn't monitor all zpools
I have a zpool with some zvols. The zpool is almost full and it is configured to not be automatically snapshotted:
Marcel Telka
10:12 AM Bug #3455 (Closed): oi151a7 ldap_cachemgr ldap configuration problem
After successfully upgrading from oi148 to oi151a7 ldap client file (ldap_cachemgr) stopped working correctly. The pr... Mariusz B


08:50 PM Feature #3365: bge driver device detection improvement
See: Ken Mays
08:46 PM Bug #3350: Supported NIC not recognized by Install CD
The Illumos team will have to update the bge code
to support more of the 57xx/57xxx related chips.
See: https://www.i...
Ken Mays


11:43 PM Bug #3437 (Closed): GParted crashed while applying changes
I had OpenIndiana running from a live usb drive. I opened GParted from the desktop, and set about editing the partiti... L Hanson


10:16 AM Bug #3370: ACPI errors on HP workstation
Looking into the changelog at brings up this statement:


10:10 PM Bug #3421 (Closed): X11 hangs on OI 151a5
I'm experiencing random hangs of X11. Mouse moves, but can't select anything, move or iconify windows. Only option ... Reginald Beardsley


05:43 PM Bug #3281: frequent freezes on oi_151a.1.7
Richard PALO wrote:
> Not sure where to place this, so I start here.
> Since upgraded to a7 on a AMD Athlon(tm) 64...
Luca De Pandis


07:07 PM Feature #2954: ATI Radeon 6.14.6 driver
Updated libdrm as part of Intel 2012Q4 graphics package update. Ken Mays

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