From 2013-01-05 to 2013-02-03


08:32 PM Bug #3266: liveusb a7: Error 20: Multiboot kernel must be loaded before modules
The file size for the liveusb distribution on openindiana is 128 MB, which seems somewhat short of the mark. The "a7"... Patrick Arnoux
11:56 AM Bug #3350 (Closed): Supported NIC not recognized by Install CD
Yes. As a workaround, HP/Dell Tech Support and Broadcom provide the updated bge drivers for Solaris: bge - v15.4.3 an... Ken Mays
02:45 AM Bug #3264 (Closed): cdrecord buggy?
Must be fixed upstream. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
02:43 AM Bug #1671 (Closed): illumos-gate build failed on OI-experimental
oi-experimental decommisioned. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
02:42 AM Bug #1218 (Closed): gnome's yelp does not show oi specific man pages
This was a known problem with yelp for many years. Since this won't be fixed here, closing ticket. Ken Mays


05:05 PM Bug #3249 (Closed): OI 151a5 install panics on Supermicro X9SAE
Workaround provided by user. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
05:04 PM Bug #3250 (Closed): OI 151a5 live fails (default+VESA) on Supermicro X9SAE
Intel 4000 video is not supported by this project at this time. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:50 PM Bug #3504 (Closed): Root password is expired
Workaround provided by user. Will research for newer JDS release. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:29 PM Bug #3383 (Closed): tar xzvf in a local zone fails to preserve file permissions
Depends on how you create or extract the tarball:
You can do tar -p{x|c}vzf xxx.tar.gz
The 'p' option is what you n...
Ken Mays
02:03 PM Bug #3437 (Feedback): GParted crashed while applying changes

Ken Mays
01:49 PM Bug #3456 (Feedback): time-sliderd shouldn't monitor all zpools
Please update to the maintained by Milan Jurik and recheck time-slider ... Ken Mays
01:47 PM Bug #3483 (Closed): add numpy to SFE python 3.2 package
Migrated ticket to the SFE maintainence lists Ken Mays
01:46 PM Feature #3490 (Feedback): Italian translation for GDM OpenIndiana Theme
Luca - Please update to the latest JDS release maintained by Milan Juri... Ken Mays
01:43 PM Bug #3369 (Closed): metacity: Segfault in`SmcCloseConnection+0x18()
This is resolved in the newer JDS package release. Please update. Ken Mays


12:51 PM Bug #3350: Supported NIC not recognized by Install CD
Hi Ken! Any news about the updated bge code?
I wont trust my data to any other distribution, so im waiting for you g...
Lipe C


08:52 PM Bug #3504 (Closed): Root password is expired
I installed OpenIndiana 151a7 on a laptop. During the install i of course set the root password when asked. After boo... David V. Wallin
04:12 PM Bug #2029: gtkam crashing
Upgraded to OpenIndiana b151a7 when I start the Digital Camera Browser it just crashes.
r a


10:41 PM Feature #3071 (Closed): replace rdesktop 1.6.0 with 1.7.1
This is done within oi-build:
Ken Mays
07:04 PM Feature #327 (Feedback): OpenIndiana Should have Memtest86+ in GRUB
Ken Mays


12:48 AM Bug #2653: gdm (vnc?) problems
I'm having the exact same problem with a Dell Optiplex 740 running OpenIndiana 151a7.
I've tried three different mon...
Dormition Skete


07:58 PM Bug #3491 (New): IPv6 ND is iffy with shared-ip zones
It seems that IPv6 neighbor discovery does not always work for shared-ip non-global zones.
To reproduce:
1) cre...
Jussi Hamalainen
02:49 PM Feature #3490 (Closed): Italian translation for GDM OpenIndiana Theme
I've made the attached patch to add it.po in OpenIndiana GDM Theme.
Luca De Pandis


04:33 PM Bug #3483 (Closed): add numpy to SFE python 3.2 package
Thanks for the python3.2 package. Whenever possible, please add numpy to lib/vendor-packages. Kostas Oikonomou


10:01 PM Bug #3377 (Closed): pkg install freetype-2@latest rejected by
Jon Tibble
12:07 AM Bug #3323: Gnome logout results in solid white or blue screen
This is easily reproduced. My machine is hp spectre envy14 with core i5-3220 and Intel HD4000. Ryo Murakawa


01:07 AM Bug #3221 (Resolved): SFW (etc) should not be stripped
Fixed for a8 Jon Tibble
01:05 AM Bug #1883 (Resolved): Missing packages prevent Opensolaris -> Openindiana upgrade
Should've been fixed in a4. Reopen if still an issue. Jon Tibble
01:02 AM Bug #1386 (Resolved): missing pkg:/service/resource-cap in the text install
Fixed for a8 Jon Tibble
01:02 AM Bug #3461 (Resolved): Librsync 0.9.7 doesn't handle large files
Fixed for a8 Jon Tibble
01:00 AM Bug #1733 (Rejected): Oi151a/pkg/resource-cap - "Action install failed for 'etc/dfs/sharetab' (pkg://"
Please refile this bug if you can reproduce it with just one package being installed instead of 70. The package you ... Jon Tibble
12:53 AM Bug #2626 (Resolved): qemu-kvm KVM internal error. Suberror: 1 emulation failure
Jon Tibble
12:16 AM Bug #1683 (Closed): Unable to connect to repository
No one else has reported this and stuff has changed in the last year. Refile bug if it still occurs. Jon Tibble
12:06 AM Bug #1506 (Rejected): ImageMagick in oi_151a missing
Couldn't find in Oracle or Debian and OP couldn't remember what caused it or where it should come from. Jon Tibble


11:03 PM Bug #3388 (Closed): dladm:create operation failed for more than one VLAN on a lacp link
Jon Tibble


03:46 PM Bug #3461 (Resolved): Librsync 0.9.7 doesn't handle large files
I believe this is because you seem to have used the stock LibRsync while there is a patch for it to correctly handle ... Evi Vanoost


12:21 PM Bug #3456 (Closed): time-sliderd shouldn't monitor all zpools
I have a zpool with some zvols. The zpool is almost full and it is configured to not be automatically snapshotted:
Marcel Telka
10:12 AM Bug #3455 (Closed): oi151a7 ldap_cachemgr ldap configuration problem
After successfully upgrading from oi148 to oi151a7 ldap client file (ldap_cachemgr) stopped working correctly. The pr... Mariusz B


08:50 PM Feature #3365: bge driver device detection improvement
See: Ken Mays
08:46 PM Bug #3350: Supported NIC not recognized by Install CD
The Illumos team will have to update the bge code
to support more of the 57xx/57xxx related chips.
See: https://www.i...
Ken Mays

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