From 2013-01-24 to 2013-02-22


12:57 PM Feature #3367: Driver support for Broadcom BCM43*** 802.11a/b/g/n devices
(As you do know) I have a laptop with a BCM4313 which is currently useless for WiFi in OI, and the tricks we tried wi... Jim Klimov
11:44 AM Bug #3589: time-slider crashes
I tried to set daemon/verbose to false and it does not solve the problem. Pavel Cahyna
10:41 AM Bug #3589 (Closed): time-slider crashes
When the pool usage exceeds 80%, timeslider crashes:... Pavel Cahyna
10:56 AM Bug #3527: time-slider enters maintenance after time adjustments
Ken Mays wrote:
> Update time-slider (>=0.2.101), best to reboot system for all services to enable properly.
How to ...
Pavel Cahyna


08:28 AM Feature #2899: hdparm analogue for illumos.
And where it can be downloaded?... Predrag Zečević


09:18 PM Feature #3587 (Closed): Upgrade Ekiga to v4.0
Could default Ekiga release be upgrade to v4.0
Main Features of the Ekiga Softphone in a nutshell Version 4.0
r a


05:15 AM Feature #3367 (Feedback): Driver support for Broadcom BCM43*** 802.11a/b/g/n devices
I just re-purposed a system with this chipset. Is the work non-trivial? Is there any way to re-open this? Robert Gilbert


12:53 AM Feature #3562 (Closed): Build environment on LiveDVD
Could we include an account on the LiveDVD configured to build the binaries from source along w/ the option to instal... Reginald Beardsley


02:25 PM Bug #3556 (New): Problem w/ 3 TB 4k sector USB disk on oi_151a7
format(1m) reports disk (Toshiba Canvio) as 4kB sector and creates EFI label per EFI spec at 0x1000. prtvtoc & ftmh... Reginald Beardsley


04:01 PM Bug #841: OI_148a locks up on any problems with ZFS pools
ACK :)
That particular setup (with a pool in an iSCSI-loopbacked zvol in a physical zpool) has been dismantled for...
Jim Klimov


11:16 PM Bug #2347 (Closed): file-roller borks on networks archives
Most of the updates are now over at for JDS updates. Please use that build for further testi... Ken Mays
11:05 PM Bug #2997 (Closed): Raid 1 boot disk problems when booting OI_151.1.5
Closing ticket based on user feedback. Ken Mays
10:33 PM Bug #1398 (Closed): oi_151, gFTP does not display file names on remote server
Workaround for this:
1. pfexec pkg install network/ftp/ncftp
or FireFTP extension for Firefox (current: FireFTP 2...
Ken Mays
10:27 PM Bug #3007 (Closed): nautilus FAIL: check failed in nautilus-file-operations.c
Ken Mays
10:24 PM Bug #841 (Closed): OI_148a locks up on any problems with ZFS pools
Jim - haven't gotten any feedback after a year and I used oi_151a7 to try to reduplicate a few issues. Not resolvable... Ken Mays
10:11 PM Bug #1523 (Closed): OI151a can't access Symbios 53c875
Closed ticket.
Resolution is to install:
1. pfexec pkg install driver/storage/glm@0.5.11,5.11-
Ken Mays
10:03 PM Bug #2661 (Closed): "pkg fix": effect ?
Duplicate of Ken Mays
10:01 PM Bug #2415 (Closed): upgrade system perl from 5.10 to 5.12
This was done at Illumos level. Should be provided 'automagically' kernel updates to proposed oi_151a8 or future road... Ken Mays
09:59 PM Bug #609 (Closed): Missing "man" manual entries
pfexec pkg install system/network@0.5.11,5.11-
(you can repackage oi system/networ...
Ken Mays
09:37 PM Bug #304 (Closed): Networking problems with oi_147 under VMware Workstation
Recent user using VMware Workstation have not reported any further issues with oi_151a7. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
09:17 PM Bug #3338 (Closed): OpenIndiana 151a7 not playing Audio CDs
You usually check /cdrom. Doing 'pfexec eject cd' in a console usually ejects the audio CD in a term window if the ap... Ken Mays
08:48 PM Bug #2645 (Closed): poweroff/shutdown does not turn off the computer
Fixed based on user feedback. Ken Mays
08:46 PM Bug #3437 (Closed): GParted crashed while applying changes
Please update to the newer packages from: 10000
1. system/storage/parted@2.3.0 from
Ken Mays
08:19 PM Bug #1179 (Closed): ZFS time-slider and auto-snapshots not working due to missing zfssnap-roleadd SMF service
I checked against:
- upgrade to oi_151a7
- pfexec pkg uninstall time-slider 0.2....
Ken Mays
07:55 PM Bug #3538 (Closed): Some libs in /usr/lib are stripped.
Duplicate of #3221 which is fixed for the next release. Jon Tibble
02:37 AM Bug #3538 (Closed): Some libs in /usr/lib are stripped.
Had something that need libpcap and configure was failing. Turns out that is stripped. A
cd /usr/lib...
Roger Fujii
07:21 PM Bug #2005 (Closed): time-slider zfs-send plugin no working
- pfexec pkg uninstall time-slider @ 0.2.97
- pfexec pkg install time-slider @ 0.2.101 (avail upstream)
- restart m...
Ken Mays
07:13 PM Feature #2759 (Closed): timeslider should give snapshot sizes
Best to submit to time-slider developer for GUI change. It'll get implemented 'globally' from upstream change. Ken Mays
07:07 PM Bug #3527 (Closed): time-slider enters maintenance after time adjustments
Update time-slider (>=0.2.101), best to reboot system for all services to enable properly.
enable sudo|pfexec for ro...
Ken Mays
06:50 PM Bug #2027 (Closed): installing time-slider does not force re-read of dbus configuration files
Not a bug. Once you install time-slider (>0.2.97), best to reboot system for all services to enable properly.
enable ...
Ken Mays
04:18 AM Bug #1743 (Closed): Package Manager of an Install from the oi-dev-151a-x86.iso does not Start.
Workaround provided in ticket. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:17 AM Bug #1881 (Closed): 'name' field of 'struct option' has incorrect type.
Requires upstream fix/backport (not within scope of OI project). Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:15 AM Bug #1851 (Closed): C++0x <thread> header: std::this_thread::sleep_for is missing. _GLIBCXX_USE_NANOSLEEP not correctly set.
Workaround provided. gcc update to 4.6.3 as well. Ken Mays
04:06 AM Bug #2166 (Closed): problem with multiple pkg install in a script
Workaround provided by user. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:03 AM Bug #1871 (Closed): time() returns zero (and occasionally 1 or 2)
Not OI-specific to build. Closing ticket (fix required upstream). Ken Mays
04:02 AM Bug #1861 (Closed): Boot failure in Linux KVM
User config issue. Working examples posted in blogs/wikis. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
03:59 AM Feature #2899 (Closed): hdparm analogue for illumos.
Yes, it is called sdparm. Ken Mays
03:42 AM Bug #2782 (Closed): Basic write operation failed with the error "Device is gone"
Please migrate this over to Illumos bug reporting. Duplicate issue with some bugs already reported there. Ken Mays
03:39 AM Bug #1874 (Closed): DomU does not start
Not supported here. Ken Mays
03:30 AM Bug #1753: /usr/java/jre/lib/i386/jexec is not executable
Permissions not corrected in runtime/java@0.5.11,5.11- packaging (Java 1.6.0_26)
Ken Mays
12:40 AM Bug #2970 (Closed): oi151a5 has a problem in /lib (libc?)
Perl packages were updated to perl 5.12.4 packages and oi_151a7. Please reopen if you see this issue under oi_151a7, ... Ken Mays
12:36 AM Bug #2156 (Closed): Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
Workaround was to use ndis which is now unsupported, so no other resolution can be provided as this driver is not sup... Ken Mays
12:30 AM Bug #1763 (Closed): SUNWj6* renames missing from /dev
Ken Mays
12:22 AM Bug #1864 (Closed): Right click CIFS shares causes error to log in /var/adm/messages
Duplicate of Illumos ticket #1868 as mentioned beforehand. No work for OI. Ken Mays
12:18 AM Bug #1997 (Closed): C++ exception handling problems with -m64?
Rested with sfe/developer/gcc@4.6.3,5.11- Closing ticket.
Ken Mays
12:14 AM Bug #2994: MPT SGL mem alloc failed
This issue disappeared in a6 and a7, I don't know if this means it should be closed. Tim Coalson


11:39 PM Feature #2728 (Closed): /usr/ccs/bin/cpp
Resolution: Maintaining Sun cpp (SUNWcpp) is possible through mcpp ( which is an open sou... Ken Mays
11:24 PM Bug #990 (Closed): pkg:/database/sqlite-3 installs empty manpage
Fixed in: pkg://,5.11- Ken Mays
11:20 PM Bug #2767 (Closed): Gedit crashed while making new folder in save dialogue on OI151a4
Ken Mays
11:18 PM Feature #973 (Closed): Replace opensolaris-welcome with gnome-system-monitor
Closing ticket. JDS work is now done through Ken Mays
11:17 PM Feature #578 (Closed): Bug reporting links in GNOME
Closing ticket. JDS work now done through Ken Mays
10:20 PM Bug #3266 (Closed): liveusb a7: Error 20: Multiboot kernel must be loaded before modules
All *.usb images and and Ken Mays
09:59 PM Bug #3275 (Closed): setup-tool-backends/scripts should use system perl
Closing ticket. Workaround provided by user. JDS respins and updates are provided through an... Ken Mays
09:37 PM Feature #1234 (Closed): DNSSEC Validation plugin for Firefox
This is something to add to a roadmap but it was stated by the project to mainly support upstream consolidation and u... Ken Mays
09:33 PM Bug #636 (Closed): Fix graphical installer to prevent root password expiring
Resolved using JDS updates from and oi_151a7. Ken Mays
09:32 PM Bug #1055 (Closed): Root user password + GUI tools problem
Resolved in using JDS updates from Ken Mays
09:26 PM Feature #1721 (Closed): libfuse and ntfs-3g can be part of OpenIndiana, available at install, rather than installed from sfe repo
Closing ticket. The NTFS-3G/fuse packages are now available in oi-sfe. Ken Mays
09:21 PM Bug #2643 (Closed): time slider fails due to index exception in
Closed ticket. Resolution provided by user. Update to oi_151a7 and above using JDS updates from Ken Mays
09:17 PM Bug #3287 (Closed): server gets restart after rebooting
Duplicate work-related. This issue was reported on the illumos bug report in support of mr_sas driver updates being d... Ken Mays
08:56 PM Bug #3351 (Closed): pkg:// should be installed by default during zone creation
Doing this will resolve the issue for now (not a real bug, a choice of R.E. though for an RFE):
pfexec pkg install d...
Ken Mays
08:48 PM Bug #3456 (Closed): time-sliderd shouldn't monitor all zpools
Closed ticket. Based on provided user workaround. This will get added to wiki for time-slider debugging. Ken Mays
08:44 PM Bug #3345 (Closed): groff manpage missing
Magnus - groff.1 is not missing any longer (using oi_151a7) as stated in the ticket. But, there is SOMETHING groff.1 ... Ken Mays


08:53 PM Bug #2135 (Closed): Problem with wireless WiFi: Realtek RTL8187B 802.11 b/g
Closed as not reproducible Milan Jurik
08:03 PM Bug #2135: Problem with wireless WiFi: Realtek RTL8187B 802.11 b/g
I just tried the liveDVD of OI_151a7. My (hidden network) WiFi was picked up perfectly well.
It seems tha...
Georgios Papadopoulos
03:56 AM Bug #1534 (Closed): VirtualBox (4.1.2) suddenly core dumps after latest 151 changes
Closing ticket based on user feedback Ken Mays
03:52 AM Bug #2631 (Closed): NOTICE: core_log: metacity[1662] core dumped: /var/cores/core.metacity.uid50.1662@1334594064
Related to another bug for Nvidia driver. Use older Nvidia 173.14.32 driver or fast_reboot workaround. Closing ticket.
Ken Mays
02:12 AM Bug #3191: System->Administration->Services GUI Tool Missing
I recently tested this with a freshly installed OpenIndiana 151a7 machine. No other packages had been installed. Bo... Dormition Skete
02:01 AM Bug #2967 (Closed): oi_151a5 seems unusually sluggish, with increased swapping
Closing ticket, since this is an old ticket against an older interim release. Richard, seems some issue with hardware... Ken Mays
01:03 AM Bug #3421 (Closed): X11 hangs on OI 151a5
Reg - this can involve a few things like hw, firefox, drivers, etc Please update to oi_151a7 and test from that point... Ken Mays
12:52 AM Bug #3345: groff manpage missing

Ken Mays
12:41 AM Bug #2715 (Closed): oi_151a4 problems gnome-session
Status: JDS builds are refreshed through and for oi_151a7. Closing ticket as issues were mai... Ken Mays
12:36 AM Bug #1933 (Closed): wireless network disappears after install. Was visible in live mode.
Closing ticket. No feedback from user after 1 year. Ken Mays
12:32 AM Bug #1935 (Closed): Unable to change screen brightness
Not enough specific user info (and ticket >1year old). Closing ticket, reopen for testing with Milan's build of JDS o... Ken Mays
12:30 AM Bug #2647 (Closed): sudo pkgrm SUNWvbox - pkgrm: ERROR: preremove script did not complete successfully
Fixed. Closing ticket. Tested with Ken Mays
12:25 AM Bug #2652 (Closed): auto-snapshot problems in 151a3
Closing ticket based on user input and did not see another reported issue for oi_151a7. Ken Mays
12:22 AM Feature #2592 (Closed): vfs mounts not available in firefox (10)?
This may be handled by Milan's build of JDS ( but the main patches come from upstream. Check... Ken Mays
12:18 AM Bug #3281 (Closed): frequent freezes on oi_151a.1.7
This was mentioned by Sun engineering awhile ago to downgrade the Nvidia graphics driver as mentioned by another user... Ken Mays
12:11 AM Feature #3332 (Closed): Upgrade libusb library from OpenUSB v0.1.8 to v1.1.7
OpenUSB was updated to 1.0.1 in oi-build for Solaris 11.x compatibility. Best to stick with the upstream version at t... Ken Mays


11:58 PM Bug #1932 (Closed): UI icons unable to launch applications
User should upgrade to oi_151a7 for review. Most issues with password with either it being set during installation or... Ken Mays
11:55 PM Bug #3007 (Feedback): nautilus FAIL: check failed in nautilus-file-operations.c
Please update to JDS build maintained by Milan Jurik and provide further feedback. Ken Mays
11:52 PM Feature #2662 (Closed): RAID/enterprise harddisk compatibility w/controllers etc.
Done through Community HCL reporting. Ken Mays
11:35 PM Bug #2844 (Closed): error updating from oi148 to oi151.1.4
Closing ticket. We are now on oi_151_a7 please do a clean install to remove any issues with interim build upgrades (a... Ken Mays
11:29 PM Bug #2709 (Closed): Brasero keeps dying after burning DVD
This is a Brasero specific bug. We are closing this bug report because it requires an actual bug fix through upstream... Ken Mays
11:19 PM Bug #1220 (Closed): gnupg executable name strangeness
This ...
Ken Mays
11:08 PM Bug #2641 (Closed): oi_151a3 and pkg verify
Closing ticket. Many of the former issues were resolved (45kb versus 149kb log size- pkgverifylog with oi_151a7). The... Ken Mays
11:03 PM Bug #2189 (Closed): oi_151a: I/O errors with mr_sas driver
Closing ticket (not OI-dev fixable directly). The issues are being address by the Illumos devs for improved mpt_sas a... Ken Mays
10:42 PM Bug #2767 (Feedback): Gedit crashed while making new folder in save dialogue on OI151a4
Closing ticket. JDS work is now done through Ken Mays
10:32 PM Feature #2622 (Closed): wiki openindiana - prestable2
This is usually handled by the release manager and the hg. repos report the changesets used in the sustaining illumos... Ken Mays
10:19 PM Bug #2653 (Feedback): gdm (vnc?) problems
Please check against the new /hipster repo. Ken Mays
10:16 PM Bug #2999 (Closed): OpenSolaris brand in Help launcher
Luca - actually just saying GNOME is good enough if not keeping it at OpenSolaris (which points to Oracle for updated... Ken Mays
09:31 PM Bug #1600 (Closed): Logitech USB G500 mouse not working
Logitech Gaming Mouse ...
Ken Mays
09:10 PM Feature #1233 (Closed): Bind 9.8 with RFC 5011 DNSSEC root key already defined
Per user request, oi-build now includes BIND 9.8.3-P2 so this ticket is resolved for that request. Please resubmit RF... Ken Mays
08:46 PM Bug #2700 (Closed): Latest oi_151.1.4 upgrade (2012-05-07) caused boot failure
Closed based on user feedback. Ken Mays
08:45 PM Feature #1969 (Closed): Forcing all DNS queries to use DNSSEC
This is provided through BIND 9.8.3 which is available in oi-build and I spotted this config article:
Ken Mays
08:31 PM Bug #2646 (Closed): /etc/hp/hplip.conf: No such file or directory
Technically, this is not included (nor Solaris 11.x includes it) so not a bug. It can be added as a possible future R... Ken Mays
08:07 PM Bug #1975 (Closed): in.named.1m not found
Sebastian: as mention by Milan it is in - system/manual@0.5.11,5.11-
Ken Mays
07:39 PM Feature #1943 (Closed): Add Leafpad to dev or experimental repo
Installed: pkg://sfe/editor/leafpad@,5.11- Ken Mays
07:37 PM Feature #1244 (Closed): netatalk package
Added to OI-SFE on 08/2012.
Ken Mays
07:34 PM Bug #2132 (Closed): gnome-about does not work
This is fixed in recent JDS builds and checked with oi_151a7, JDS build and OpenSXCE/SPARC. Closin... Ken Mays
07:32 PM Feature #1793 (Closed): Hauppage WinTV Nova-T usb driver support
Project only handles existing drivers from upstream or Illumos project. Sorry, closing this ticket. Ken Mays
07:30 PM Bug #3044 (Closed): CUPS printing with HP Photosmart c6200 problem
Update to oi_151a7. Check installation of HPlip/Cups which will resolve your issue.
Ken Mays
07:19 PM Bug #495 (Closed): oi_148 and illumos-gate
Old ticket so closing based on two new developments: GCC 4.4.x/4.7.2 kernel/userland builds and SS 12.3 (internal __F... Ken Mays
07:14 PM Feature #2561 (Closed): Packaging: make "g-links" to more common GNU utilities
Jim - Architectural issue already addressed as in compatibility with upstream (somewhat) as well as other related dis... Ken Mays
07:08 PM Feature #2006 (Closed): add muCommander to SFE
Spec file created. Ken Mays
07:06 PM Bug #2729 (Closed): oi-151.1.4 problems with SFEbuild and SFEencumbered
Upgrade against: (2013-01-10)
Ken Mays
06:59 PM Bug #3207 (Closed): VBox 4.2.0 undefined symbols
Closed based on user's response. Ken Mays


10:01 PM Bug #3527 (Closed): time-slider enters maintenance after time adjustments
When daylight savings time ends, time gets adjusted back an hour, and time-slider goes into maintenance mode due to a... Tim Coalson


08:32 PM Bug #3266: liveusb a7: Error 20: Multiboot kernel must be loaded before modules
The file size for the liveusb distribution on openindiana is 128 MB, which seems somewhat short of the mark. The "a7"... Patrick Arnoux
11:56 AM Bug #3350 (Closed): Supported NIC not recognized by Install CD
Yes. As a workaround, HP/Dell Tech Support and Broadcom provide the updated bge drivers for Solaris: bge - v15.4.3 an... Ken Mays
02:45 AM Bug #3264 (Closed): cdrecord buggy?
Must be fixed upstream. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
02:43 AM Bug #1671 (Closed): illumos-gate build failed on OI-experimental
oi-experimental decommisioned. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
02:42 AM Bug #1218 (Closed): gnome's yelp does not show oi specific man pages
This was a known problem with yelp for many years. Since this won't be fixed here, closing ticket. Ken Mays


05:05 PM Bug #3249 (Closed): OI 151a5 install panics on Supermicro X9SAE
Workaround provided by user. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
05:04 PM Bug #3250 (Closed): OI 151a5 live fails (default+VESA) on Supermicro X9SAE
Intel 4000 video is not supported by this project at this time. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:50 PM Bug #3504 (Closed): Root password is expired
Workaround provided by user. Will research for newer JDS release. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:29 PM Bug #3383 (Closed): tar xzvf in a local zone fails to preserve file permissions
Depends on how you create or extract the tarball:
You can do tar -p{x|c}vzf xxx.tar.gz
The 'p' option is what you n...
Ken Mays
02:03 PM Bug #3437 (Feedback): GParted crashed while applying changes

Ken Mays
01:49 PM Bug #3456 (Feedback): time-sliderd shouldn't monitor all zpools
Please update to the maintained by Milan Jurik and recheck time-slider ... Ken Mays
01:47 PM Bug #3483 (Closed): add numpy to SFE python 3.2 package
Migrated ticket to the SFE maintainence lists Ken Mays
01:46 PM Feature #3490 (Feedback): Italian translation for GDM OpenIndiana Theme
Luca - Please update to the latest JDS release maintained by Milan Juri... Ken Mays
01:43 PM Bug #3369 (Closed): metacity: Segfault in`SmcCloseConnection+0x18()
This is resolved in the newer JDS package release. Please update. Ken Mays


12:51 PM Bug #3350: Supported NIC not recognized by Install CD
Hi Ken! Any news about the updated bge code?
I wont trust my data to any other distribution, so im waiting for you g...
Lipe C


08:52 PM Bug #3504 (Closed): Root password is expired
I installed OpenIndiana 151a7 on a laptop. During the install i of course set the root password when asked. After boo... David V. Wallin
04:12 PM Bug #2029: gtkam crashing
Upgraded to OpenIndiana b151a7 when I start the Digital Camera Browser it just crashes.
r a


10:41 PM Feature #3071 (Closed): replace rdesktop 1.6.0 with 1.7.1
This is done within oi-build:
Ken Mays
07:04 PM Feature #327 (Feedback): OpenIndiana Should have Memtest86+ in GRUB
Ken Mays

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