From 2013-02-04 to 2013-03-05


09:56 PM Bug #3611 (Closed): Unable to add a new keyboard layout
It seems that on OI_151a7 there is no way to add a new keyboard layout in order to use, say, two (or more) different ... Georgios Papadopoulos
09:52 PM Bug #3610 (New): format does not work properly
It seems that the format command/utility does not work properly on OI_151a7. Indeed:
# format
Searching for di...
Georgios Papadopoulos
05:05 PM Feature #3609 (Closed): BIND release to 9.9.2 lastest
Can the default BIND release be upgraded to 9.9.2. This does build normally on OpenIndiana 151a7 and includes support... r a
12:39 PM Bug #3370: ACPI errors on HP workstation
In an attempt to fix the point in time when this problem first appeared, I tried several OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana ... Oliver H. Weiergraeber


10:48 PM Bug #3455: oi151a7 ldap_cachemgr ldap configuration problem
I'm also running into this. Thanks for the work around. Karl Rossing


02:20 PM Bug #3592 (Closed): Man page for uconv missing
The package developer/icu has no man page for uconv. David Höppner


12:57 PM Feature #3367: Driver support for Broadcom BCM43*** 802.11a/b/g/n devices
(As you do know) I have a laptop with a BCM4313 which is currently useless for WiFi in OI, and the tricks we tried wi... Jim Klimov
11:44 AM Bug #3589: time-slider crashes
I tried to set daemon/verbose to false and it does not solve the problem. Pavel Cahyna
10:41 AM Bug #3589 (Closed): time-slider crashes
When the pool usage exceeds 80%, timeslider crashes:... Pavel Cahyna
10:56 AM Bug #3527: time-slider enters maintenance after time adjustments
Ken Mays wrote:
> Update time-slider (>=0.2.101), best to reboot system for all services to enable properly.
How to ...
Pavel Cahyna


08:28 AM Feature #2899: hdparm analogue for illumos.
And where it can be downloaded?... Predrag Zečević


09:18 PM Feature #3587 (Closed): Upgrade Ekiga to v4.0
Could default Ekiga release be upgrade to v4.0
Main Features of the Ekiga Softphone in a nutshell Version 4.0
r a


05:15 AM Feature #3367 (Feedback): Driver support for Broadcom BCM43*** 802.11a/b/g/n devices
I just re-purposed a system with this chipset. Is the work non-trivial? Is there any way to re-open this? Robert Gilbert


12:53 AM Feature #3562 (Closed): Build environment on LiveDVD
Could we include an account on the LiveDVD configured to build the binaries from source along w/ the option to instal... Reginald Beardsley


02:25 PM Bug #3556 (New): Problem w/ 3 TB 4k sector USB disk on oi_151a7
format(1m) reports disk (Toshiba Canvio) as 4kB sector and creates EFI label per EFI spec at 0x1000. prtvtoc & ftmh... Reginald Beardsley


04:01 PM Bug #841: OI_148a locks up on any problems with ZFS pools
ACK :)
That particular setup (with a pool in an iSCSI-loopbacked zvol in a physical zpool) has been dismantled for...
Jim Klimov


11:16 PM Bug #2347 (Closed): file-roller borks on networks archives
Most of the updates are now over at for JDS updates. Please use that build for further testi... Ken Mays
11:05 PM Bug #2997 (Closed): Raid 1 boot disk problems when booting OI_151.1.5
Closing ticket based on user feedback. Ken Mays
10:33 PM Bug #1398 (Closed): oi_151, gFTP does not display file names on remote server
Workaround for this:
1. pfexec pkg install network/ftp/ncftp
or FireFTP extension for Firefox (current: FireFTP 2...
Ken Mays
10:27 PM Bug #3007 (Closed): nautilus FAIL: check failed in nautilus-file-operations.c
Ken Mays
10:24 PM Bug #841 (Closed): OI_148a locks up on any problems with ZFS pools
Jim - haven't gotten any feedback after a year and I used oi_151a7 to try to reduplicate a few issues. Not resolvable... Ken Mays
10:11 PM Bug #1523 (Closed): OI151a can't access Symbios 53c875
Closed ticket.
Resolution is to install:
1. pfexec pkg install driver/storage/glm@0.5.11,5.11-
Ken Mays
10:03 PM Bug #2661 (Closed): "pkg fix": effect ?
Duplicate of Ken Mays
10:01 PM Bug #2415 (Closed): upgrade system perl from 5.10 to 5.12
This was done at Illumos level. Should be provided 'automagically' kernel updates to proposed oi_151a8 or future road... Ken Mays
09:59 PM Bug #609 (Closed): Missing "man" manual entries
pfexec pkg install system/network@0.5.11,5.11-
(you can repackage oi system/networ...
Ken Mays
09:37 PM Bug #304 (Closed): Networking problems with oi_147 under VMware Workstation
Recent user using VMware Workstation have not reported any further issues with oi_151a7. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
09:17 PM Bug #3338 (Closed): OpenIndiana 151a7 not playing Audio CDs
You usually check /cdrom. Doing 'pfexec eject cd' in a console usually ejects the audio CD in a term window if the ap... Ken Mays
08:48 PM Bug #2645 (Closed): poweroff/shutdown does not turn off the computer
Fixed based on user feedback. Ken Mays
08:46 PM Bug #3437 (Closed): GParted crashed while applying changes
Please update to the newer packages from: 10000
1. system/storage/parted@2.3.0 from
Ken Mays
08:19 PM Bug #1179 (Closed): ZFS time-slider and auto-snapshots not working due to missing zfssnap-roleadd SMF service
I checked against:
- upgrade to oi_151a7
- pfexec pkg uninstall time-slider 0.2....
Ken Mays
07:55 PM Bug #3538 (Closed): Some libs in /usr/lib are stripped.
Duplicate of #3221 which is fixed for the next release. Jon Tibble
02:37 AM Bug #3538 (Closed): Some libs in /usr/lib are stripped.
Had something that need libpcap and configure was failing. Turns out that is stripped. A
cd /usr/lib...
Roger Fujii
07:21 PM Bug #2005 (Closed): time-slider zfs-send plugin no working
- pfexec pkg uninstall time-slider @ 0.2.97
- pfexec pkg install time-slider @ 0.2.101 (avail upstream)
- restart m...
Ken Mays
07:13 PM Feature #2759 (Closed): timeslider should give snapshot sizes
Best to submit to time-slider developer for GUI change. It'll get implemented 'globally' from upstream change. Ken Mays
07:07 PM Bug #3527 (Closed): time-slider enters maintenance after time adjustments
Update time-slider (>=0.2.101), best to reboot system for all services to enable properly.
enable sudo|pfexec for ro...
Ken Mays
06:50 PM Bug #2027 (Closed): installing time-slider does not force re-read of dbus configuration files
Not a bug. Once you install time-slider (>0.2.97), best to reboot system for all services to enable properly.
enable ...
Ken Mays
04:18 AM Bug #1743 (Closed): Package Manager of an Install from the oi-dev-151a-x86.iso does not Start.
Workaround provided in ticket. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:17 AM Bug #1881 (Closed): 'name' field of 'struct option' has incorrect type.
Requires upstream fix/backport (not within scope of OI project). Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:15 AM Bug #1851 (Closed): C++0x <thread> header: std::this_thread::sleep_for is missing. _GLIBCXX_USE_NANOSLEEP not correctly set.
Workaround provided. gcc update to 4.6.3 as well. Ken Mays
04:06 AM Bug #2166 (Closed): problem with multiple pkg install in a script
Workaround provided by user. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
04:03 AM Bug #1871 (Closed): time() returns zero (and occasionally 1 or 2)
Not OI-specific to build. Closing ticket (fix required upstream). Ken Mays
04:02 AM Bug #1861 (Closed): Boot failure in Linux KVM
User config issue. Working examples posted in blogs/wikis. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
03:59 AM Feature #2899 (Closed): hdparm analogue for illumos.
Yes, it is called sdparm. Ken Mays
03:42 AM Bug #2782 (Closed): Basic write operation failed with the error "Device is gone"
Please migrate this over to Illumos bug reporting. Duplicate issue with some bugs already reported there. Ken Mays
03:39 AM Bug #1874 (Closed): DomU does not start
Not supported here. Ken Mays
03:30 AM Bug #1753: /usr/java/jre/lib/i386/jexec is not executable
Permissions not corrected in runtime/java@0.5.11,5.11- packaging (Java 1.6.0_26)
Ken Mays
12:40 AM Bug #2970 (Closed): oi151a5 has a problem in /lib (libc?)
Perl packages were updated to perl 5.12.4 packages and oi_151a7. Please reopen if you see this issue under oi_151a7, ... Ken Mays
12:36 AM Bug #2156 (Closed): Wi-Fi doesn't work on Toshiba Satellite L645
Workaround was to use ndis which is now unsupported, so no other resolution can be provided as this driver is not sup... Ken Mays
12:30 AM Bug #1763 (Closed): SUNWj6* renames missing from /dev
Ken Mays
12:22 AM Bug #1864 (Closed): Right click CIFS shares causes error to log in /var/adm/messages
Duplicate of Illumos ticket #1868 as mentioned beforehand. No work for OI. Ken Mays
12:18 AM Bug #1997 (Closed): C++ exception handling problems with -m64?
Rested with sfe/developer/gcc@4.6.3,5.11- Closing ticket.
Ken Mays
12:14 AM Bug #2994: MPT SGL mem alloc failed
This issue disappeared in a6 and a7, I don't know if this means it should be closed. Tim Coalson


11:39 PM Feature #2728 (Closed): /usr/ccs/bin/cpp
Resolution: Maintaining Sun cpp (SUNWcpp) is possible through mcpp ( which is an open sou... Ken Mays
11:24 PM Bug #990 (Closed): pkg:/database/sqlite-3 installs empty manpage
Fixed in: pkg://,5.11- Ken Mays
11:20 PM Bug #2767 (Closed): Gedit crashed while making new folder in save dialogue on OI151a4
Ken Mays
11:18 PM Feature #973 (Closed): Replace opensolaris-welcome with gnome-system-monitor
Closing ticket. JDS work is now done through Ken Mays
11:17 PM Feature #578 (Closed): Bug reporting links in GNOME
Closing ticket. JDS work now done through Ken Mays
10:20 PM Bug #3266 (Closed): liveusb a7: Error 20: Multiboot kernel must be loaded before modules
All *.usb images and and Ken Mays
09:59 PM Bug #3275 (Closed): setup-tool-backends/scripts should use system perl
Closing ticket. Workaround provided by user. JDS respins and updates are provided through an... Ken Mays
09:37 PM Feature #1234 (Closed): DNSSEC Validation plugin for Firefox
This is something to add to a roadmap but it was stated by the project to mainly support upstream consolidation and u... Ken Mays
09:33 PM Bug #636 (Closed): Fix graphical installer to prevent root password expiring
Resolved using JDS updates from and oi_151a7. Ken Mays
09:32 PM Bug #1055 (Closed): Root user password + GUI tools problem
Resolved in using JDS updates from Ken Mays
09:26 PM Feature #1721 (Closed): libfuse and ntfs-3g can be part of OpenIndiana, available at install, rather than installed from sfe repo
Closing ticket. The NTFS-3G/fuse packages are now available in oi-sfe. Ken Mays
09:21 PM Bug #2643 (Closed): time slider fails due to index exception in
Closed ticket. Resolution provided by user. Update to oi_151a7 and above using JDS updates from Ken Mays
09:17 PM Bug #3287 (Closed): server gets restart after rebooting
Duplicate work-related. This issue was reported on the illumos bug report in support of mr_sas driver updates being d... Ken Mays
08:56 PM Bug #3351 (Closed): pkg:// should be installed by default during zone creation
Doing this will resolve the issue for now (not a real bug, a choice of R.E. though for an RFE):
pfexec pkg install d...
Ken Mays
08:48 PM Bug #3456 (Closed): time-sliderd shouldn't monitor all zpools
Closed ticket. Based on provided user workaround. This will get added to wiki for time-slider debugging. Ken Mays
08:44 PM Bug #3345 (Closed): groff manpage missing
Magnus - groff.1 is not missing any longer (using oi_151a7) as stated in the ticket. But, there is SOMETHING groff.1 ... Ken Mays


08:53 PM Bug #2135 (Closed): Problem with wireless WiFi: Realtek RTL8187B 802.11 b/g
Closed as not reproducible Milan Jurik
08:03 PM Bug #2135: Problem with wireless WiFi: Realtek RTL8187B 802.11 b/g
I just tried the liveDVD of OI_151a7. My (hidden network) WiFi was picked up perfectly well.
It seems tha...
Georgios Papadopoulos
03:56 AM Bug #1534 (Closed): VirtualBox (4.1.2) suddenly core dumps after latest 151 changes
Closing ticket based on user feedback Ken Mays
03:52 AM Bug #2631 (Closed): NOTICE: core_log: metacity[1662] core dumped: /var/cores/core.metacity.uid50.1662@1334594064
Related to another bug for Nvidia driver. Use older Nvidia 173.14.32 driver or fast_reboot workaround. Closing ticket.
Ken Mays
02:12 AM Bug #3191: System->Administration->Services GUI Tool Missing
I recently tested this with a freshly installed OpenIndiana 151a7 machine. No other packages had been installed. Bo... Dormition Skete
02:01 AM Bug #2967 (Closed): oi_151a5 seems unusually sluggish, with increased swapping
Closing ticket, since this is an old ticket against an older interim release. Richard, seems some issue with hardware... Ken Mays
01:03 AM Bug #3421 (Closed): X11 hangs on OI 151a5
Reg - this can involve a few things like hw, firefox, drivers, etc Please update to oi_151a7 and test from that point... Ken Mays
12:52 AM Bug #3345: groff manpage missing

Ken Mays
12:41 AM Bug #2715 (Closed): oi_151a4 problems gnome-session
Status: JDS builds are refreshed through and for oi_151a7. Closing ticket as issues were mai... Ken Mays
12:36 AM Bug #1933 (Closed): wireless network disappears after install. Was visible in live mode.
Closing ticket. No feedback from user after 1 year. Ken Mays
12:32 AM Bug #1935 (Closed): Unable to change screen brightness
Not enough specific user info (and ticket >1year old). Closing ticket, reopen for testing with Milan's build of JDS o... Ken Mays
12:30 AM Bug #2647 (Closed): sudo pkgrm SUNWvbox - pkgrm: ERROR: preremove script did not complete successfully
Fixed. Closing ticket. Tested with Ken Mays
12:25 AM Bug #2652 (Closed): auto-snapshot problems in 151a3
Closing ticket based on user input and did not see another reported issue for oi_151a7. Ken Mays
12:22 AM Feature #2592 (Closed): vfs mounts not available in firefox (10)?
This may be handled by Milan's build of JDS ( but the main patches come from upstream. Check... Ken Mays
12:18 AM Bug #3281 (Closed): frequent freezes on oi_151a.1.7
This was mentioned by Sun engineering awhile ago to downgrade the Nvidia graphics driver as mentioned by another user... Ken Mays
12:11 AM Feature #3332 (Closed): Upgrade libusb library from OpenUSB v0.1.8 to v1.1.7
OpenUSB was updated to 1.0.1 in oi-build for Solaris 11.x compatibility. Best to stick with the upstream version at t... Ken Mays


11:58 PM Bug #1932 (Closed): UI icons unable to launch applications
User should upgrade to oi_151a7 for review. Most issues with password with either it being set during installation or... Ken Mays
11:55 PM Bug #3007 (Feedback): nautilus FAIL: check failed in nautilus-file-operations.c
Please update to JDS build maintained by Milan Jurik and provide further feedback. Ken Mays
11:52 PM Feature #2662 (Closed): RAID/enterprise harddisk compatibility w/controllers etc.
Done through Community HCL reporting. Ken Mays
11:35 PM Bug #2844 (Closed): error updating from oi148 to oi151.1.4
Closing ticket. We are now on oi_151_a7 please do a clean install to remove any issues with interim build upgrades (a... Ken Mays
11:29 PM Bug #2709 (Closed): Brasero keeps dying after burning DVD
This is a Brasero specific bug. We are closing this bug report because it requires an actual bug fix through upstream... Ken Mays
11:19 PM Bug #1220 (Closed): gnupg executable name strangeness
This ...
Ken Mays
11:08 PM Bug #2641 (Closed): oi_151a3 and pkg verify
Closing ticket. Many of the former issues were resolved (45kb versus 149kb log size- pkgverifylog with oi_151a7). The... Ken Mays
11:03 PM Bug #2189 (Closed): oi_151a: I/O errors with mr_sas driver
Closing ticket (not OI-dev fixable directly). The issues are being address by the Illumos devs for improved mpt_sas a... Ken Mays
10:42 PM Bug #2767 (Feedback): Gedit crashed while making new folder in save dialogue on OI151a4
Closing ticket. JDS work is now done through Ken Mays
10:32 PM Feature #2622 (Closed): wiki openindiana - prestable2
This is usually handled by the release manager and the hg. repos report the changesets used in the sustaining illumos... Ken Mays
10:19 PM Bug #2653 (Feedback): gdm (vnc?) problems
Please check against the new /hipster repo. Ken Mays
10:16 PM Bug #2999 (Closed): OpenSolaris brand in Help launcher
Luca - actually just saying GNOME is good enough if not keeping it at OpenSolaris (which points to Oracle for updated... Ken Mays
09:31 PM Bug #1600 (Closed): Logitech USB G500 mouse not working
Logitech Gaming Mouse ...
Ken Mays
09:10 PM Feature #1233 (Closed): Bind 9.8 with RFC 5011 DNSSEC root key already defined
Per user request, oi-build now includes BIND 9.8.3-P2 so this ticket is resolved for that request. Please resubmit RF... Ken Mays
08:46 PM Bug #2700 (Closed): Latest oi_151.1.4 upgrade (2012-05-07) caused boot failure
Closed based on user feedback. Ken Mays
08:45 PM Feature #1969 (Closed): Forcing all DNS queries to use DNSSEC
This is provided through BIND 9.8.3 which is available in oi-build and I spotted this config article:
Ken Mays
08:31 PM Bug #2646 (Closed): /etc/hp/hplip.conf: No such file or directory
Technically, this is not included (nor Solaris 11.x includes it) so not a bug. It can be added as a possible future R... Ken Mays
08:07 PM Bug #1975 (Closed): in.named.1m not found
Sebastian: as mention by Milan it is in - system/manual@0.5.11,5.11-
Ken Mays
07:39 PM Feature #1943 (Closed): Add Leafpad to dev or experimental repo
Installed: pkg://sfe/editor/leafpad@,5.11- Ken Mays
07:37 PM Feature #1244 (Closed): netatalk package
Added to OI-SFE on 08/2012.
Ken Mays
07:34 PM Bug #2132 (Closed): gnome-about does not work
This is fixed in recent JDS builds and checked with oi_151a7, JDS build and OpenSXCE/SPARC. Closin... Ken Mays
07:32 PM Feature #1793 (Closed): Hauppage WinTV Nova-T usb driver support
Project only handles existing drivers from upstream or Illumos project. Sorry, closing this ticket. Ken Mays
07:30 PM Bug #3044 (Closed): CUPS printing with HP Photosmart c6200 problem
Update to oi_151a7. Check installation of HPlip/Cups which will resolve your issue.
Ken Mays
07:19 PM Bug #495 (Closed): oi_148 and illumos-gate
Old ticket so closing based on two new developments: GCC 4.4.x/4.7.2 kernel/userland builds and SS 12.3 (internal __F... Ken Mays
07:14 PM Feature #2561 (Closed): Packaging: make "g-links" to more common GNU utilities
Jim - Architectural issue already addressed as in compatibility with upstream (somewhat) as well as other related dis... Ken Mays
07:08 PM Feature #2006 (Closed): add muCommander to SFE
Spec file created. Ken Mays
07:06 PM Bug #2729 (Closed): oi-151.1.4 problems with SFEbuild and SFEencumbered
Upgrade against: (2013-01-10)
Ken Mays
06:59 PM Bug #3207 (Closed): VBox 4.2.0 undefined symbols
Closed based on user's response. Ken Mays


10:01 PM Bug #3527 (Closed): time-slider enters maintenance after time adjustments
When daylight savings time ends, time gets adjusted back an hour, and time-slider goes into maintenance mode due to a... Tim Coalson

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