From 2013-02-09 to 2013-03-10


08:54 PM Feature #3367: Driver support for Broadcom BCM43*** 802.11a/b/g/n devices
Jean-Pierre André is working on enabling the bwn driver to resolve the remaining issues with the ndis-1.2.x wrapper:... Ken Mays
08:37 PM Feature #3587: Upgrade Ekiga to v4.0
> Ken Mays


09:56 PM Bug #3611 (Closed): Unable to add a new keyboard layout
It seems that on OI_151a7 there is no way to add a new keyboard layout in order to use, say, two (or more) different ... Georgios Papadopoulos
09:52 PM Bug #3610 (New): format does not work properly
It seems that the format command/utility does not work properly on OI_151a7. Indeed:
# format
Searching for di...
Georgios Papadopoulos
05:05 PM Feature #3609 (Closed): BIND release to 9.9.2 lastest
Can the default BIND release be upgraded to 9.9.2. This does build normally on OpenIndiana 151a7 and includes support... r a
12:39 PM Bug #3370: ACPI errors on HP workstation
In an attempt to fix the point in time when this problem first appeared, I tried several OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana ... Oliver H. Weiergraeber


10:48 PM Bug #3455: oi151a7 ldap_cachemgr ldap configuration problem
I'm also running into this. Thanks for the work around. Karl Rossing


02:20 PM Bug #3592 (Closed): Man page for uconv missing
The package developer/icu has no man page for uconv. David Höppner


12:57 PM Feature #3367: Driver support for Broadcom BCM43*** 802.11a/b/g/n devices
(As you do know) I have a laptop with a BCM4313 which is currently useless for WiFi in OI, and the tricks we tried wi... Jim Klimov
11:44 AM Bug #3589: time-slider crashes
I tried to set daemon/verbose to false and it does not solve the problem. Pavel Cahyna
10:41 AM Bug #3589 (Closed): time-slider crashes
When the pool usage exceeds 80%, timeslider crashes:... Pavel Cahyna
10:56 AM Bug #3527: time-slider enters maintenance after time adjustments
Ken Mays wrote:
> Update time-slider (>=0.2.101), best to reboot system for all services to enable properly.
How to ...
Pavel Cahyna


08:28 AM Feature #2899: hdparm analogue for illumos.
And where it can be downloaded?... Predrag Zečević


09:18 PM Feature #3587 (Closed): Upgrade Ekiga to v4.0
Could default Ekiga release be upgrade to v4.0
Main Features of the Ekiga Softphone in a nutshell Version 4.0
r a


05:15 AM Feature #3367 (Feedback): Driver support for Broadcom BCM43*** 802.11a/b/g/n devices
I just re-purposed a system with this chipset. Is the work non-trivial? Is there any way to re-open this? Robert Gilbert


12:53 AM Feature #3562 (Closed): Build environment on LiveDVD
Could we include an account on the LiveDVD configured to build the binaries from source along w/ the option to instal... Reginald Beardsley


02:25 PM Bug #3556 (New): Problem w/ 3 TB 4k sector USB disk on oi_151a7
format(1m) reports disk (Toshiba Canvio) as 4kB sector and creates EFI label per EFI spec at 0x1000. prtvtoc & ftmh... Reginald Beardsley


04:01 PM Bug #841: OI_148a locks up on any problems with ZFS pools
ACK :)
That particular setup (with a pool in an iSCSI-loopbacked zvol in a physical zpool) has been dismantled for...
Jim Klimov

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