From 2013-04-29 to 2013-05-28


05:56 PM Bug #3757 (Feedback): reproducible iscsi login crash
Please retest this issue by updating to the newer /hipster (oi_151a8 beta) repo. Ken Mays
05:29 PM Bug #3663 (Feedback): Cheese Webcam Booth - video recording issue
Please test package from the /hipster repo: image/webcam/cheese@2.28.1,5.11-
Ken Mays
05:27 PM Bug #3707 (Feedback): snmpnetstat broken
Please test this package from the /hipster repo: system/management/snmp/net-snmp@5.4.1,5.11- Ken Mays


09:27 AM Bug #3757: reproducible iscsi login crash
Priority urgent seems scary, although it's pretty urgent for me bat signal is not required. thanks (:
Also snippet...
Markus Kovero
09:25 AM Bug #3757 (Feedback): reproducible iscsi login crash
Hi! I was able to reproduce crash on latest OI (oi_151a7) by doing login to local iscsi target (provided by comstar).... Markus Kovero

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