From 2013-11-19 to 2013-12-18


09:20 PM Feature #4405 (Closed): Add Apache 2.4 to hipster
can we have latest Apache (2.4) like we have latest PHP (5.4)
Predrag Zečević
12:23 AM Feature #4274 (Closed): Decommission Thunderbird 3.1.4
Tested both Firefox 24.0.2 & Thunderbird 24.0.2 pre-built packages from site on OI. Works fine!! We can j... Ken Mays


05:26 PM Bug #4388: New IPS issues
We should add optional dependency to package/pkg on package/pkg/package-manager@0.5.11,5.11- and package/pk... Alexander Pyhalov
04:52 PM Feature #4341 (Closed): Brasero 2.30.3 testing
Patches submitted to JDS update project. Ken Mays
03:07 PM Bug #3732 (Closed): No Desktop during new installation
Closing ticket. NO support for dual graphic-type platforms at this time through the Nvidia/Solaris driver. As mention... Ken Mays
02:52 PM Bug #1040 (Closed): Oi 148 text installer: ipadm (DHCP?) address object conflict creation
We saw this in earlier versions like oi_148, but seems resolved in current snapshots of oi_151a and hipster ISO. Test... Ken Mays
02:38 PM Feature #4401 (Closed): Reporting issues via OpenIndiana browser menu
Searching the OI wiki for "panic" does not find the Illumos instructions for issue reporting. The "Report a bug in... Reginald Beardsley
02:31 PM Bug #4071 (Closed): Text installer can only handle 12 drives
This is not a bug, make a feature request. Use Solaris 11.x for high-end production server needs. Ken Mays


11:43 PM Bug #1831 (Closed): Text Mode Installer can't select installation on 3TB disk
Create a 2TB boot partition and use the other space for extended partitions. Some of the utilities are limited in ver... Ken Mays
11:15 PM Bug #2743 (Closed): sys-unconfig is legacy
sys-unconfig is now an unsupported legacy feature. Future support in OI is optional.
"A new utility, sysconfig(1M), ...
Ken Mays
10:54 PM Bug #3710 (Closed): OI 151a1 and151a7 installer seems to crash Dell's iDRAC6 Enterprise
Dell doesn't official support OI, but we used an update IDRaC 1.95 and turned off the network card option before inst... Ken Mays
10:45 PM Bug #2225 (Closed): No documentation or default instance for nis/client or nis/server
User error (as mentioned). Closing ticket.
NIS Docs:
Ken Mays
10:05 PM Bug #4096 (Closed): The OpenIndiana installer does not accept multiple Solaris type partitions
Jean - This is true, or you have to use the extended partitions - as done with Solaris 11.x.
Oracle S11.1 notes read...
Ken Mays
09:45 PM Bug #1024 (Closed): Installation failing b/c disk space smaller than RAM
Was fixed for oi_151 release per maintainer notes. Legacy ticket. Ken Mays
09:37 PM Feature #4115 (Closed): Transmission 2.60 upgrade
No, on Transmission >2.60. Based on the conclusion, Transmission 2.60 is the choice and Ian updated the SFE spec to v... Ken Mays
04:41 PM Bug #4258 (Closed): Pkg fails updating in Hipster, when /opt (without onbld) is mounted on separate dataset
Tested. Fixed in hipster 12-10-2013 ISO release. Ken Mays
05:54 AM Bug #4388: New IPS issues
We still have package/pkg/package-manager and package/pkg/update-manager in /hipster repository. I suspect that they ... Alexander Pyhalov


09:35 PM Bug #447 (Closed): pkg fix reports hash mismatch against lib/
I noted the same behavior in Solaris 11 builds so this is not OI-specific. Updates to hipster/pkg5 12-10-13 release w... Ken Mays
09:19 PM Bug #4197 (Closed): Postfix upgrade doesn't maintain some important files
Fixed. Bumped spec to 2.10.2 and fixed group permissions. Ken Mays
08:41 PM Bug #4275: logo links to still
Validated. Check rebranding patches for logo links to Ken Mays
08:18 PM Bug #2716 (Closed): pkg is not updated in zones with prestable3
Reviewed pkg -R /zones/illumos/root install -v with pkg5 (2013-12-10)/hipster. Will add
this to hipster wiki notes. ...
Ken Mays
08:10 PM Bug #4388: New IPS issues
There are some branding issues in new IPS.
1) Man page references to SunOS 5.12 should be renamed to SunOS 5.11
Alexander Pyhalov
08:04 PM Bug #4388 (Closed): New IPS issues
This is a bug to collect issues of new IPS version. Alexander Pyhalov
08:08 PM Bug #2664 (Closed): pkg update reports manifest hash failure
You can do 'pkg -R <BE mountpoint> image-update' or use Youtube guides like 'Updating a system with the Image Packagi... Ken Mays
08:01 PM Bug #3274 (Closed): Can't upgrade packages from MBL publisher to sfe-encumbered version
Can't duplicate due to closure of MBLrepo. Issue observed was conflicting packages which is resolved in other pkgmgrs... Ken Mays
07:55 PM Bug #1064 (Closed): image-update failure in file upgrade action
Using the slide info from Oracle on B.E. setup and usage to update systems versus Live images issue. Will post this w... Ken Mays
07:47 PM Bug #2979 (Closed): pkg -r --license does not show remote license after system was rebooted.
Tested. First set up remote publisher to query. Then 'pkg info -r <packagename>' to ensure it contacts the remote or ... Ken Mays
07:18 PM Bug #889 (Closed): g11n packages have doubly incorrect facets is now defunct. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
07:06 PM Bug #4138 (Closed): Update fails if /opt is mounted from other disk
Ken Mays
06:21 PM Bug #4138: Update fails if /opt is mounted from other disk
Please update to newer pkg5 release in hipster and retest your issue.
Similar/Duplicate issue like 4258. Consolidatin...
Ken Mays
07:03 PM Bug #2651 (Closed): pkg image format update shafts /var/pkg
Reviewed for OI-hipster/pkg 12-10-13. Check /var/pkg and other directories and things were still intact. Noted user m... Ken Mays
06:59 PM Bug #1498 (Closed): pkg command error message is wrong.
Retested this is for OI hipster/pkg (12-10-13). Seems to work properly. Ken Mays
06:53 PM Bug #4387 (Closed): Latest /hipster broke package/pkg/update-manager
A few things are being revised or phased out with any packagemanager GUI-related feature with the newer pkg5 release ... Ken Mays
09:14 AM Bug #4387 (Closed): Latest /hipster broke package/pkg/update-manager
have updated to latest /hipster: ...
Predrag Zečević
06:41 PM Feature #3562 (Closed): Build environment on LiveDVD
LiveDVD uses mounted filesystem for builds and with privileged user for compiler purposes. Need to expand avail RAM f... Ken Mays
06:23 PM Bug #4258 (In Progress): Pkg fails updating in Hipster, when /opt (without onbld) is mounted on separate dataset
Please update to newer pkg5 release in hipster and retest your issue. Ken Mays
05:23 PM Bug #1482 (Closed): S11x branding in 151a packagemanager/pm-updatemanager
Packagemanager GUI decommissioned. Issue resolved. Ken Mays
05:20 PM Bug #3874 (Closed): Packagemanager core dumps with hipster
pkg was updated in hipster, decommissioning packagemanager. Resolved. Use pkg tools in CLI for now. Ken Mays
05:18 PM Bug #1753: /usr/java/jre/lib/i386/jexec is not executable
Need to fix runtime/java 1.6.0_26 packaging (or update to a more recent 1.6.0 version) as of 'java@0.5.11,5.11-0.151.... Ken Mays
05:04 PM Bug #1431 (Closed): packagemanager a noop?
packagemanager is now decommissioned by Upstream and OI. Use pkg tools within CLI. Ken Mays
05:02 PM Bug #2564 (Closed): pkg(5) download MB counter ends with strange characters
Resolved in latest pkg release for hipster. Ken Mays
04:59 PM Bug #1706 (Closed): Error thrown by package manager when trying to add smf package
packagemanager decommissioned by upstream. New pkg system in place. Ken Mays
04:34 PM Bug #879 (Closed): Update Manager tells I am running an Live Image
packagemanager is now a decommissioned feature. The new pkg release n /hipster fixed this issue. Ken Mays


07:28 AM Bug #4258: Pkg fails updating in Hipster, when /opt (without onbld) is mounted on separate dataset
Hi, and once more, but different package, here snip:... Predrag Zečević


07:59 PM Bug #4231 (Closed): mutt segfault at index_color+0x80()
Reported as 'possibly' fixed in: Ken Mays
07:56 PM Bug #205 (Closed): Crash in package manager
Ken Mays
07:44 PM Bug #4177 (Closed): hipster: vim segfault in stop_insert+0x42()
Tested & resolved. I can't reproduce the problem with the current hipster release based on current info given. Ken Mays
07:40 PM Bug #4260 (Closed): PostgreSQL update
No testing issues reported on packages submitted to hipster repo. Closing as 'progress complete' from package maintai... Ken Mays
07:31 PM Bug #1431: packagemanager a noop?
The Package Manager icon can be 'fixed' by modifying its command line properties to just '/usr/bin/packagemanager' wh... Ken Mays
01:53 PM Bug #4258: Pkg fails updating in Hipster, when /opt (without onbld) is mounted on separate dataset
I experienced the same issue. As a workaround, before updating I would rename _/opt/onbld_ to _/opt/onbld.tmp_ and th... David Mackay
12:15 PM Bug #3874: Packagemanager core dumps with hipster
Still crashes after hipster update on 12/4/2013, same stack in core dump.
What is new is this preamble when launch...
Gary Gendel
09:50 AM Feature #4377 (Closed): still points to oi151a
I realize that all of the other releases are _prestable, but at the point where 151a is useless for anyone who has a ... Rich Ercolani


06:22 AM Feature #4362: Request WPA2 for wireless NIC
dladm works properly.
scp and zfs send/recv in LAN are too slow, only less than 2MB/s.
WarGrey Ju
06:19 AM Feature #4362: Request WPA2 for wireless NIC
Hi, Ken.
Yes, I want to have a try.
But could you please give me some HOWTOs.
And the next is going to learn writing ...
WarGrey Ju


04:35 AM Bug #4375 (Closed): Several SDT probes appear to not be triggering on OI 151a8
e.g. intbycpu.d, intoncpu.d, cpuwalk.d from the DtraceToolkit all seem to not work. The tracing claims to be happeni... Adam Stylinski


01:01 AM Feature #4362: Request WPA2 for wireless NIC
Ken Mays


02:11 AM Feature #4362 (New): Request WPA2 for wireless NIC
I have an Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300,
My Airport Extreme requires WPA2 to let client's speed go over 54Mbit/s.
WarGrey Ju


10:56 PM Feature #829: Support installing OpenIndiana into a hierarchy of datasets
Much of the research done by me on this subject matter has culminated in a Wiki publication http://wiki.openindiana.o... Jim Klimov
10:45 PM Feature #4354 (New): Update Caiman to offer split-root installations as an option
As described in and tracked in issue #829, it is po... Jim Klimov
10:36 PM Feature #4353 (New): Update Caiman installer to allow installation into an existing root pool and dataset hierarchy
The Caiman installer, at least as I see in its gui-install form, is a binary which includes everything and allows lit... Jim Klimov
05:44 PM Feature #4332 (Closed): Bump GTK+ to 2.24.22
Won't fix due to current cross-compatibility issues. Ken Mays


07:43 AM Bug #4275: logo links to still
Hi all,
maybe this is NOT proper place, but...
'Device Driver Utility' (starts during OI boot from ISO or USB a...
Predrag Zečević


08:53 PM Feature #4341: Brasero 2.30.3 testing
Original package at: - desktop/cd-burning/brasero@2.30.3,5.11- Ken Mays
05:27 AM Bug #4068: Upgrade from oi_148 fails due to "Unknown type (conditional) in depend action"
I hit the same bug following the "upgrade guide": to upgrade... Daniel Bakken


11:37 PM Bug #1204: zoneadm cannot create clone of zone from snapshot
On a related note, here is a similar patch for "solaris10" branded zones (/usr/lib/brand/solaris10/clone which should... Jim Klimov
08:14 PM Feature #4341 (Closed): Brasero 2.30.3 testing
Brasero is a application to burn CD/DVD for the Gnome Desktop. It is designed to be as simple as possible and has som... Ken Mays
09:45 AM Feature #4283: nVidia 765M leads to black screen with blinking cursor at top-left corner
Another typo.
The hard link of `nvidia-xconfig` is misspelled as '/usr/bin/nvidia-xconfg'
WarGrey Ju
09:37 AM Feature #4283 (Feedback): nVidia 765M leads to black screen with blinking cursor at top-left corner
Finally I figured it out.
NVIDIA Optimus Technology requires only Windows 7 or later....
WarGrey Ju

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