From 2014-04-25 to 2014-05-24


06:42 PM Bug #4433: Green screen on startup, but nothing else
This is a problem with openindiana, rather than underlying illumos.
You might have some look switching to another ...
Garrett D'Amore


03:57 PM Feature #4876 (Closed): DELL R720 network interface driver
I have a Dell R720 server with Broadcom 5720 network interface,How can I setup the driver for the interface?and where... jianqiao chen
01:54 PM Feature #4647: Updated to 151 A9 - Gnome has lost all its menu bars and panels when you log in
so i have realised tht all you need to do is every login
open terminal
pkill gnome-pa
has anyone figured ou...
John Sloan
01:52 PM Bug #4875 (Closed): OI 151 a9 Intel e1000g driver bug MTU set at 9000 and maxframsize set to 3 but sending 17k+ frames - iSCSI Comstar
I have two intel e1000g 1gbit cards (dual port)
when the e1000g.conf is configured with maxframsize=3,3,3,3...
John Sloan


08:34 AM Bug #4862 (Closed): Time is always starting to 28 Dec 1986, BIOS is current, OI151a7
Dear Friends,
I have been installing OI 151a7 to MSI E350IA Based mainboards with no problem.
But, upon install...
Handojo Handojo

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