From 2014-06-20 to 2014-07-19


11:14 PM Bug #4042: 151a8/dev sort desktop icons on the left of the screen
What it has to do with Hipster, if /dev can not be updated to Hipster? Nikola M.
01:35 AM Feature #4405: Add Apache 2.4 to hipster
Apache 2.4 exists in Hipster for several months. Alexander Pyhalov
01:34 AM Feature #4672: pkg(5) support for HTTP proxy configuration per-mirror
pkg in /hipster can do this:... Alexander Pyhalov


08:23 PM Feature #3609: BIND release to 9.9.2 lastest
I recently upgraded from 9.9.4-P1 to 9.9.5-P1 which has support to June 2017.
Jul 17 17:54:32 ts named[735]: [ID ...
r a


05:49 PM Bug #3370 (Closed): ACPI errors on HP workstation
I confirmed this with HP awhile ago.
1. acpi=off in grub.conf
This allows the workstation BIOS setup to bo...
Ken Mays
05:44 PM Bug #1404 (Closed): Can't boot Openindiana b151 paravirtual guest on xen/xvm when using boot_archive from fresh install
Tested. Fixed in:
Ken Mays
05:42 PM Bug #1421 (Closed): driver utility seems fooled by O2 Micro Integrated MS/xD Controller
Tested. Fixed in:
Ken Mays
05:36 PM Bug #1113 (Closed): users-admin - su not succeeded
Main support for OI is the English language. Can't support other
locales at this time.
Ken Mays
05:28 PM Bug #4064 (Closed): oi_151a7 ZFS deduplication problem
Tested. Fixed in:
Ken Mays
05:25 PM Bug #522 (Closed): text installer - references to the missing zones
Didn't reproduce this issue. Issue seems resolved in current release during testing:
Ken Mays
05:21 PM Bug #1908 (Closed): distro-constructor fails because of the new 'tr'
No further issues reported in last two years with distro-constructor.
Marked as resolved.
Ken Mays
05:20 PM Bug #167 (Rejected): something should depend upon pkg:/locale/en
Won't fix - unless fixed upstream. Can reopen if willing to do the actual needed work. Ken Mays
05:15 PM Bug #1131 (Rejected): Feedback-alias:
Won't fix at this time. Illumos-dev doesn't support OI directly ('all distros seen as one' concept).
For upstream,...
Ken Mays
04:50 PM Bug #1180 (Closed): Oi_151- Zimbamwe is selected as default territory in locale instead united states
Fixed in hipster-070114. Ken Mays
04:48 PM Bug #4563 (Rejected): Installation: Territory selection is only limited to countries of the selected language
The selection process is correct as in Solaris installs. Ken Mays
04:44 PM Bug #3197 (Closed): nwam-manager leaks memory; causes swapping hell.
Tested for hipster-070114. Issue resolved.
Reviewed both nwamd and nwam-manager over a 30 minute session using
Ken Mays
04:15 PM Bug #3456 (Closed): time-sliderd shouldn't monitor all zpools
Seems fixed in hipster-20140701, tested w/ desktop/time-slider@0.2.101,5.11-2014.1.0.97:20140622T140045Z.
No major...
Ken Mays
04:09 PM Bug #4549 (Closed): Annotations visible on locked screen
Tested on hipster-070114. Seems fixed on my configuration (although I know it was reported for other platforms and me... Ken Mays
03:53 PM Bug #4319 (Closed): Most administration GUIs cannot be activated
Tested hipster-070114. No hang issues as seen in this ticket. Resolved. Ken Mays
03:46 PM Bug #4624 (Closed): 151 a8 Live DVD - Unable to login to gnome after fresh install
Tested logins. Issue was resolved. Reviewed for hipster-20140701.
Ensure xscreensaver is enabled and screensaver is...
Ken Mays
03:35 PM Bug #1611 (Closed): System -> Help tooltip references OpenSolaris
Reviewed gok.xml for hipster-20140701. Issue was resolved. Ken Mays
03:21 PM Bug #4160 (Closed): (JDS) stickynotes not sticky anymore
Tested on hipster-07012014. Works. Please migrate to hipster releases as this implements latest JDS fixes. Ken Mays
02:52 PM Bug #4758 (Closed): library/gmime should depend on library/security/gpgme
Bumped to gmime 2.5.10.
Added gpgme-devel dependency.
Submitted fix to oi-dev.
Ken Mays
02:12 PM Bug #4921 (Closed): pixbuf-loaders-installer should update loaders.cache
Fixed in: library/desktop/gdk-pixbuf@2.24.1,5.11-2014.0.1.1:20140612T191331Z Ken Mays
02:10 PM Bug #4796 (Closed): libgnome: default background key is incorrect
Ken Mays
02:04 PM Bug #1987 (Closed): dbus taking 100% of cpu
Fixed in: system/library/dbus@1.2.30,5.11- Ken Mays
01:30 PM Bug #3323 (Rejected): Gnome logout results in solid white or blue screen
Won't fix. Intel HD2500 is not supported by the current driver. Ken Mays


10:09 PM Bug #618 (Closed): i/o hang with mega_sas driver
Closing ticket. This issue is more system dependent with the MegaRAID 8888ELP hardware as confirmed with LSI support.... Ken Mays
09:43 PM Bug #4042 (Closed): 151a8/dev sort desktop icons on the left of the screen
Not reproduced in:
Ken Mays
09:40 PM Bug #3323: Gnome logout results in solid white or blue screen

Ken Mays
09:32 PM Bug #2161 (Closed): rebuild illumos-gate for OI after openssl upgrades
Resolved. Ken Mays
09:29 PM Bug #1310 (Closed): oi-build pkglint broken with pkg 0.166 on oi_151 due to linked images
Resolved in Ken Mays
09:26 PM Bug #2101 (Closed): platform directory duplicated on USB image
Reviewed for hipster updates for USB image and
Ken Mays
09:20 PM Bug #1164 (Closed): virt-manager dependency error
See: desktop/virt-manager@0.6.1,5.11-
Ken Mays
09:15 PM Bug #3366 (Closed): Since 151a7, dtrace breaking in strange ways
User confirmed original problem is fixed.
Retest using:
Ken Mays
09:07 PM Bug #1423 (Closed): ata_id_common: BUSY status 0xfe error 0x0
This was reviewed and fixed in one of the Illumos commits awhile ago.
Ken Mays
09:04 PM Bug #4157 (Closed): Network driver e1000g detected, but speed is 100 MB/s
Tested with:
Ken Mays
08:58 PM Bug #4388 (Closed): New IPS issues
Upstream PKG support provided through recent implementations in hipster 2014.1. Ken Mays
08:54 PM Feature #4799 (Closed): system unexpectedly panics when ipmitool mc reset cold is issued on dell r720 and r820
Reviewed system/management/ipmitool@1.8.10,5.11-
Can review ipmitool 1.8.12, but talk to...
Ken Mays
08:50 PM Bug #4466 (Closed): /hipster: package timezone overlapped with package zoneinfo (or v.v?)
Fixed in -
timeinfo just points to zoneinfo package:
Ken Mays
08:36 PM Bug #1479 (Closed): Qemu delivered by pkg:/system/qemu/kvm is broken
Retested fix in illumos-kvm-cmd rev. c51fe07d5d Ken Mays
08:32 PM Bug #447 (Closed): pkg fix reports hash mismatch against lib/
Fixed confirmed for: Ken Mays
08:30 PM Bug #4550 (Closed): Error update
Ken Mays
08:25 PM Bug #4582 (Closed): hipster: apache2 component publish dependencies are wrong
Ken Mays
08:25 PM Bug #4759 (Closed): hipster: apache 2.4 hangs when https is enabled
Ken Mays
08:24 PM Bug #4801 (Closed): oi-userland: components/graphviz fails to install when building not clean component
Ken Mays
08:24 PM Bug #4685 (Closed): jokosher dumps core when new audio file is added to the project (hipster)
Ken Mays
08:20 PM Bug #4231 (Closed): mutt segfault at index_color+0x80()
I'm taking over this ticket (pushing to mutt 1.5.23). One main thing if you'd like to reopen this ticket: consult the... Ken Mays
08:19 PM Bug #4482 (Closed): mutt segfault at imap_fetch_message+0x6af()
I'm taking over this ticket (pushing to mutt 1.5.23). One main thing if you'd like to reopen this ticket: consult the... Ken Mays
08:01 PM Bug #4562 (Closed): Need a package to deliver GCC runtime libraries
Corrections made in hipster-070114.
Standard core-OS compiler: GCC 4.8.4
Ken Mays
07:43 PM Bug #4177 (Closed): hipster: vim segfault in stop_insert+0x42()
Issues resolved in 32-bit dependencies. Since bug is 'very hard to replicate' - closing ticket until a 'repeatable te... Ken Mays
07:40 PM Bug #4771 (Closed): OpenIndiana hipster: 32-bit distribution is broken
Ken Mays
07:39 PM Bug #4969 (Closed): /hipster-2014.1 package runtime/lua delivers broken libraries
Ken Mays
07:35 PM Bug #4783 (Closed): fuse-ext2 package does not depend on libfuse
Not maintained by core OS team. Patches maintained by SFE team. Added this to the fix list there. Ken Mays
07:28 PM Bug #4433 (Closed): Green screen on startup, but nothing else
1. Use VESA driver during bootup.
2. Di...
Ken Mays
07:21 PM Feature #4377 (Closed): still points to oi151a
oi_151a8 was the last formal ISO release.
hipster-070114 is the formal ISO development release.
Ken Mays
07:13 PM Feature #2786 (Closed): OI should enable multiple gcc versions at a time and store gccruntime in private directories
This is done for spec-files-extras. As for OI-hipster, the core distro now has GCC 4.8.3 which is the officially test... Ken Mays
07:04 PM Feature #4438 (Closed): Jitsi (Open Source Skype replacement)
Migrating these requests to spec-files-extra Ken Mays
07:03 PM Bug #3883 (Rejected): gnome-terminal segfault when minimizing
Won't fix. Use Clearlooks or a better theme at this time (this will become the default versus Nimbus in future releas... Ken Mays
06:58 PM Bug #2424 (Closed): Can't load X11 graphic on ATi Radeon HD 6470M
Won't fix. This requires XNV update to Xserver 1.12.x. Without this major update and Radeon kernel DRI/DRM updates, w... Ken Mays
06:54 PM Bug #924 (Closed): Touch-pad (en/dis)abled and Function Keys
Not a bug. Ken Mays
06:49 PM Bug #1573 (Closed): Fails to boot after locale change
There are three sets of locale settings¹:
LANG, the fallback setting, if you haven't specified a value for a categ...
Ken Mays
06:46 PM Bug #4501 (Closed): /hipster localization issues
Make sure you reset the environment for DE and have the SUNWde* localization packages loaded. Setting LC_ALL = locale... Ken Mays
06:31 PM Bug #4875 (Closed): OI 151 a9 Intel e1000g driver bug MTU set at 9000 and maxframsize set to 3 but sending 17k+ frames - iSCSI Comstar
1. Delete the datalink - ipadm delete-if e1000g1
Ken Mays


10:32 AM Bug #4969: /hipster-2014.1 package runtime/lua delivers broken libraries
Fixed in .
Dependent pac...
Alexander Pyhalov


09:05 PM Bug #4969 (In Progress): /hipster-2014.1 package runtime/lua delivers broken libraries
The right thing to do is to apply modified patch from Oracle userland which builds liblua as shared library. Unfortun... Alexander Pyhalov
01:25 AM Bug #4073 (Closed): gnome-terminal can't open links anymore
Closed per reverification on hipster 07/2014. Chose firefox as default browser (or any working browser). Ken Mays


10:43 AM Bug #4969 (Closed): /hipster-2014.1 package runtime/lua delivers broken libraries
this is not correct:...
Predrag Zečević


04:18 PM Bug #4739 (Closed): stellarium not running
Rebuild your Qt for OpenGL support. Qt works as provided by SFE project. Ken Mays
03:41 PM Bug #4603 (Closed): ntpd tries to bind to a link-local address
This was fixed earlier, but I added the new Makefile to bump to NTP 4.2.7p447 in oi-userland. Ken Mays
02:55 PM Feature #4647: Updated to 151 A9 - Gnome has lost all its menu bars and panels when you log in
Have you tested this on the latest hipster release? Ken Mays


07:07 AM Bug #4862 (Closed): Time is always starting to 28 Dec 1986, BIOS is current, OI151a7
High-end time keeping done by PTP/NTP tools. kernel timing/CPU timing patches will come by way of illumos. Ken Mays
07:00 AM Feature #2727 (Closed): /usr/ccs/bin/as open source replacement
Actually, GNU 'gas' from binutils replaces the Sun provided 'as' for x86/64.
Currently, binutil 2.23.2 provided as o...
Ken Mays
06:55 AM Feature #4044 (Closed): Intel Graphics Driver 2.21.x for OpenIndiana
Work completed. Ken Mays
06:51 AM Feature #4876 (Closed): DELL R720 network interface driver
Fixed bge driver - patches submitted to illumos team.
Also, use bge Sol10 driver from Broadcom or see:
Ken Mays
06:38 AM Feature #3905 (Closed): Add Intel GMA3600 (Intel CedarTrail) support
Won't fix at this time. Use the VESA driver to support newer Intel GPUs. Ken Mays
06:23 AM Bug #4930: IPS repository web interface shows only packages for some component revisions
Update:... Predrag Zečević


03:09 PM Bug #4603: ntpd tries to bind to a link-local address
Tested for ntp 4.2.7p446. Ken Mays
02:38 PM Feature #4762 (Closed): Add scons
Was added awhile ago: developer/build/scons@2.1.0,5.11- Ken Mays


01:06 AM Bug #1441: cpqary3 driver is old and causes panic in oi_151
New cpqary patch from Joyent. Adds new controllers:
Ken Mays


04:18 PM Feature #4928 (Closed): Intel 82579/i217 driver issue
A few months ago. oi_151_a9 is the most recent in the mainstream series.
Use oi_151a9 or hipster 2014.1 for any major...
Ken Mays


12:12 AM Feature #4928: Intel 82579/i217 driver issue

Hipster is working perfectly. Do you know which stable version appearing with this driver?
Thanks your sugg...
Jozsef Brogyanyi

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