From 2014-09-17 to 2014-10-16


06:55 PM Bug #5237 (Closed): Update sendmail to 8.14.9
Moving this to Illumos tracker Ken Mays
02:06 PM Bug #5237 (Closed): Update sendmail to 8.14.9
Update package service/network/smtp/sendmail@8.14.4,5.11-2014.1.2.14667:20141008T132941Z
to sendmail 8.14.9
Ken Mays
03:34 PM Feature #5240 (Resolved): Update CMake to
Current version is 2.8.6.
I propose an update to which is the latest minor from the 2.8 series.
Patches ...
Aurélien Larcher
03:17 PM Feature #5239 (Closed): Update NUMPY to 1.8.2
Current numpy version is 1.4.1 from 2010-06-27.
I propose an update to 1.8.2 from 2014-08-09 which is the latest min...
Aurélien Larcher


11:49 AM Bug #5226 (Closed): Incorrect permission in /usr/lib for evinced and evince-convert-metadata
Ken Mays
11:48 AM Bug #5225 (Closed): OpenVPN doesn't process route remote_host net_gateway correctly
Ken Mays
11:48 AM Feature #4154 (Closed): GNU parted should detect physical block size
Fixed in hipster 10/2014. Ken Mays


10:38 PM Feature #5228 (Feedback): IPS should have escape flags so that developers could ignore incorporations
Currently IPS enforces incorporate dependencies, which can be unsuitable for developers. We need to introduce some "h... Alexander Pyhalov
10:33 PM Bug #5226 (In Progress): Incorrect permission in /usr/lib for evinced and evince-convert-metadata
Alexander Pyhalov


04:30 PM Bug #5226 (Closed): Incorrect permission in /usr/lib for evinced and evince-convert-metadata
Running evince from a terminal:
** (evince:17477): WARNING **: Error unregistering document: Failed to execute pro...
Aurélien Larcher
05:43 AM Bug #5225 (Closed): OpenVPN doesn't process route remote_host net_gateway correctly
OpenVPN client doesn't correctly process "route remote_host net_gateway" directive.
This directive ...
Alexander Pyhalov


12:07 PM Feature #4331 (Closed): SFW libraries
Migrate this request to SFE. Won't fix . Ken Mays
12:00 PM Feature #1083 (Closed): terminal support in nano and vim uses curses instead of ncurses, need switch
Ken Mays
11:55 AM Feature #3216 (Closed): package
Not part of core. Won't fix (see SFE). Ken Mays
11:52 AM Bug #4098 (Closed): GNU parted "crash" (well, sort of)
Fixed for Hipster 2014.1.
Ken Mays
11:45 AM Feature #4699 (Closed): No man page for nslookup
Resolved: network/dns/bind@9.9.6,5.11-2014.1.2.0:20141002T144722Z Ken Mays
11:41 AM Bug #1658 (Closed): NIS setup fails after sys-unconfig
Resolved in Hipster-2014.1:
$ ls /usr/snadm/lib/
Tested with system/networ...
Ken Mays
11:38 AM Bug #3455 (Closed): oi151a7 ldap_cachemgr ldap configuration problem
Although we have system/network/nis@0.5.11,5.11-2014.1.2.14667:20141008T133804Z for hipster-2014.1, the
focus for th...
Ken Mays
11:25 AM Bug #1441 (Closed): cpqary3 driver is old and causes panic in oi_151
New open-source driver posted which resolves issue. Resolved. Closing ticket. Ken Mays
11:22 AM Feature #4590 (Closed): Add diagnostic/lft tool
Resolved in Hipster-2014.1. Ken Mays
11:21 AM Bug #3276 (Closed): fmd leaks memory (oi_151a5)
Tested for issue. Resolved in current Hipster 2014.1. Ken Mays
11:18 AM Feature #4647 (Closed): Updated to 151 A9 - Gnome has lost all its menu bars and panels when you log in
Resolved in Hipster 2014.1 Ken Mays
11:08 AM Feature #286 (Closed): Default ulmits should be upped
Hipster 2014.1 resolves this issue (SunOS openindiana 5.11 illumos-7802d7b i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris, see above). Clos... Ken Mays


11:59 AM Bug #4275: logo links to still
one more thing: is this OK:...
Predrag Zečević


11:31 PM Feature #5185 (Closed): Update to OpenOffice 4.1.1
Ken Mays


08:02 PM Bug #5212 (Closed): Hipster update failed because OpenOffice 4.1.0 > 4.1.1 upgrade
tried latest /hipster upgrade:...
Predrag Zečević


06:19 AM Bug #5210 (Resolved): Drop Apache OpenOffice
This issue affects both OO 4.1.0 and OO 4.1.1, delivered by Hipster. There is some issue with filter. In "Save As" di... Alexander Pyhalov


06:58 PM Feature #4590 (Feedback): Add diagnostic/lft tool
Alexander Pyhalov


03:20 PM Feature #3609 (Closed): BIND release to 9.9.2 lastest
Updated to bind 9.9.6. Ken Mays
01:37 PM Feature #4699: No man page for nslookup
Man pages are delivered with bind 9.9.6. Perhaps, they should be cleaned up to be more accurate (e.g. avoid reference... Alexander Pyhalov
07:47 AM Feature #4590: Add diagnostic/lft tool
Thanks! I just installed it on my /hipster-2014.1 installation.
With best regards.
Predrag Zečević
Predrag Zečević


10:35 AM Feature #5195 (Resolved): Add 'mosh' to OI
please, consider adding 'mosh' to OI (both /dev and /hipster): (it requires 'protoc'...
Predrag Zečević


06:15 AM Feature #5127 (Closed): Mesa 10.3.0 & Mesa demos 8.2.0 update
Ken Mays


04:36 PM Feature #5185 (Closed): Update to OpenOffice 4.1.1
Bugfixes include:
better compatibility with Microsoft Office files.
Ken Mays

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