From 2015-10-19 to 2015-11-17


12:40 AM Bug #2271: CIFS clients fail to authenticate when idmap is using IDMU
Was this patch ever pushed to illumos-gate? If not, is there any plans to? Raul Rangel


08:37 PM Bug #6449 (New): IPv6 Router Advertisement DNS Servers not being used
After enabling IPv6 on my Router, it was configured to provide both a Global and Unique Local Unicast Address on the ... r a


07:31 PM Bug #6446 (New): Assigning an IPv6 Static Address still results in dynamic IPv6 being assigned
My ISP has now recently starting providing IPv6, after initially configuring IPv6 on some laptops and VMs.
I started...
r a
06:29 PM Feature #6445 (New): IPv6 support in Network Monitor
Currently Network Monitor 2.28.2 only supports the monitoring of IPv4 interfaces, can this be expanded to support IPv6. r a


07:50 AM Feature #6038: PHP 5.6.10 migration
yes, it works fine now with OI php 5.6.15 compiled with opendlap.
Thank you.
Predrag Zečević


03:05 PM Feature #6038: PHP 5.6.10 migration
Hi Alexander,
not yet. But will soon as I update system with latest changes.
Predrag Zečević
03:02 PM Feature #6038: PHP 5.6.10 migration
Have you tried latest OI php-ldap? Alexander Pyhalov
11:22 AM Feature #6038: PHP 5.6.10 migration
Hi All,
Just to correct my problem description...
Actually, problem lies in use of ssl library: I guess Sun LDA...
Predrag Zečević
06:56 AM Feature #6038: PHP 5.6.10 migration
Made PHP ldap extension to use OpenLDAP. Alexander Pyhalov


06:10 PM Feature #6038: PHP 5.6.10 migration
Need more info. LDAP extension works for me with AD server.... Alexander Pyhalov
10:11 AM Feature #6038: PHP 5.6.10 migration
is it possible to get this one compiled with openldap instead of very old Sun LDAP libraries?
phpinfo() fro...
Predrag Zečević


06:54 AM Bug #5873: CPU cores faulted on boot
Please report if this is still the isuue or not in newest illumos in Hipster (there is also an live DVD/USB to see)
Nikola M.

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