From 2017-09-22 to 2017-10-21


12:46 AM Bug #7455: Xorg 1.18.4 OsSigHandler segmentation fault during nvidiaAddDrawableHandler
We can possible close this ticket.
New drivers: 340.102, 340.104
Ken Mays
12:31 AM Bug #6548: >2tb ZFS filesystems not reporting properly in net-snmp (Bump to 5.7.3)
We can close this ticket.
Package: system/management/snmp/net-snmp@5.7.3,5.11-2017.0.0.0:20171017T060959Z
Ken Mays


08:01 PM Feature #7609: Building ISC BIND 9.11.0-P1
Bind 9.11.2 and Bind 9.12.0b1 can both be successfully built using the following command without the dynamically load... r a
05:11 PM Bug #8644: "pfexec svcadm disable lightdm" causes freeze
Are there alternatives to the i915 driver, or at least a different build of it that's known to work? I ask mainly bec... James Deagle


04:21 PM Bug #8613: Atril PDF Viewer unable to print as printer selection not available
Is library/desktop/gtk3/gtk-backend-cups installed? Is printer configured in CUPS? Alexander Pyhalov
04:19 PM Bug #8693 (Rejected): Bump to Apache 2.2.34
Apache 2.2 is not longer supported. Deprecation packages shouldn't be removed for a while, as we want older clients t... Alexander Pyhalov


03:00 AM Feature #8711 (New): Bump to libdrm 2.4.78
Requested 'libdrm >= 2.4.78' but current version of libdrm is 2.4.75
Ken Mays


10:21 PM Feature #8057: OpenChrome 0.6.x drivers
Openchrome 0.6.161 32/64-bit drivers Ken Mays


04:29 PM Feature #8707: Bump to gdb 7.12.1
Close this ticket. Update as needed from upstream. Ken Mays


05:26 AM Feature #8707 (Closed): Bump to gdb 7.12.1
Pull in gdb 7.12.1 updates from upstream:
Ken Mays


03:34 PM Bug #8693: Bump to Apache 2.2.34
We can close this ticket. We should remove the Apache 2.2 packages from IPS at some point. Ken Mays


12:03 PM Bug #8693: Bump to Apache 2.2.34
Alexander decided to drop support for Apache 2.2 when it was EOLed early July this year. Aurélien Larcher


06:24 PM Bug #8693 (Rejected): Bump to Apache 2.2.34
Bump Apache 2.2.x packages to use Apache 2.2.34 for newer security patches.
We should eventually migrate to the Apac...
Ken Mays
05:13 AM Bug #7311: Problem when printing an Email within Thunderbird 38.8.0
Agreed. Review with: mail/thunderbird/plugin/thunderbird-lightning@52.3.0,5.11-2017.0.0.0:20170915T121232Z Ken Mays


05:50 AM Bug #2005 (Resolved): time-slider zfs-send plugin no working
Alexander Pyhalov

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