From 2018-01-20 to 2018-02-18


02:18 PM Feature #9117 (Resolved): ZFS disk encryption
Is there an intention to include the ZFS disk encryption work of OpenZFS/ZFSonLinux into illumOS/OpenIndiana to provi... r a


12:22 PM Bug #9109 (New): Installer ideas about swap are inadequate when size of rpool is less than RAM
When I dedicated 32 GB to rpool and had 96 GB RAM, installer created 18G swap zvol, which took too much space (as res... Alexander Pyhalov


06:16 PM Feature #8351: Nvidia 381.x driver support
Issue is now resolved. Close this ticket. Ken Mays
06:15 PM Bug #7977: Glade 3.8.5 dock palette shows scrambled icons/text
Issue is now resolved. Close this ticket. Ken Mays


07:26 PM Bug #9092 (Resolved): ipython-34 is broken
Our repository has ipython-34 package, which is broken, and Alexander Pyhalov


03:21 AM Bug #9065: Libgee outdated
Oh. Of course the packages should be installed:
sudo pkg install vala libgee
Igor Zhukov
03:18 AM Bug #9065: Libgee outdated
Just as fast bugfix:
If I copy /usr/share/vala/vapi/gee-0.8.vapi from Linux it works.
Sorry I do not enogth exper...
Igor Zhukov
03:09 AM Bug #9065 (Resolved): Libgee outdated
Any Vala program with --pkg gee-0.8 doesn't work. gee-0.8.vapi was generated with valac 0.20. Regenerate it with curr... Igor Zhukov


01:09 AM Bug #8882 (Resolved): oi-userland can have log conflicts.
Fixed in Alexander Pyhalov


09:45 PM Bug #8957: tmux memory consumption (leak?)
Just an update after 21 days on the same tmux session :... Ben Franck


07:45 PM Feature #327: OpenIndiana Should have Memtest86+ in GRUB
We can close this ticket. Ken Mays

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