From 2018-06-16 to 2018-07-15


09:30 PM Bug #7993: pulseaudio process does not close on logout
I'm seeing exactly the same problem. Here's my copy during a desktop session:... Gary Mills
09:19 PM Bug #9656 (New): Changing device ownership races with pulseaudio startup
Something that changes ownership of audio devices is still running when pulseaudio starts. With full logging from pu... Gary Mills
09:11 PM Bug #9655 (New): Both HAVE_OSS_OUTPUT and HAVE_SOLARIS are defined in pulseaudio
This problem only shows up when the system has two sound devices, and AUDIODEV is used to specify that the second sou... Gary Mills


10:40 PM Bug #9513: SBCL dumps core (SIGSEGV)
Related issue #9600 added (duplicate?). Gergő Mihály Doma


02:59 PM Bug #9622: Installer does not ask for keyboard layout
This is with the latest OpenIndiana Hipster (may 2018) Jean-Pierre André
02:36 PM Bug #9622: Installer does not ask for keyboard layout
You need to mention the distribution you use as it seems everyone has their own installer. Yuri Pankov
02:25 PM Bug #9622 (New): Installer does not ask for keyboard layout
The installer defaults to US keyboard layout and does not ask for the actual one any more.
This leaves the user wi...
Jean-Pierre André


12:42 PM Bug #9614 (New): libusb-1 sometimes segfaults
For me @libusb-1@ still sometimes segfaults, can be seen when @gphoto2@ runs under GDB. See Michal Nowak

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