From 2020-01-08 to 2020-02-06


05:20 PM Bug #12244 (Closed): Remove XChat
Thank you Sadie for this report, XChat was removed from the distribution. Michal Nowak
11:20 AM Bug #12270 (Resolved): Default MATE power management settings shouldn't cause suspend
Suspend/resume is not working reliably on modern hardware, in most cases suspending will just lock up the system. Con... Hans Rosenfeld


07:12 PM Bug #12244 (In Progress): Remove XChat
I think you are right, should have been dropped long time ago: Michal Nowak


07:39 PM Bug #12244 (Closed): Remove XChat
XChat has not had a release in a decade and has had no SVN changes since 2013.
XChat also has several unfixed secu...
Sadie Powell


04:17 PM Bug #12087: /hipster: pulseaudio 13 problem
Predrag Zečević wrote:
> Hi all,
> it seems that pulse audio is (again) not functional (see https://www.illumos...
Daniel Chan


07:58 AM Bug #11625: zoneadm install fails: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character '\u0151' in position 68: ordinal not in range(128)
I noticed that non-ASCII characters slipped in via @golang-112@ and @golang-113@ packages:... Michal Nowak


06:35 AM Bug #12087: /hipster: pulseaudio 13 problem
So far, to work around this, I use OSS on one end and OSADA on another end - so long as you're not using the same bac... Rick V

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