From 2021-04-29 to 2021-05-28


06:59 PM Bug #8957 (Closed): tmux memory consumption (leak?)
Andreas Wacknitz
06:58 PM Bug #12703 (Closed): AMD GPU
Andreas Wacknitz


07:56 AM Bug #13711: USB Flash Drive does not automount correctly
I found it was possible to manually mount the USB flash drive using the following command
# mount -F pcfs /dev/dsk...
r a
04:10 AM Bug #12703: AMD GPU
Duplicate of #12704.
This one should be closed
Ben Franck
03:30 AM Bug #8957: tmux memory consumption (leak?)
This can be closed.
I have not noticed this behaviour for a long time (for many version)
Current v3.2 works well.
Ben Franck


09:59 PM Feature #7961 (Closed): Can wxWidgets be upgraded to v3.0.2 or later for Filezilla build
Andreas Wacknitz
09:59 PM Feature #8351 (Closed): Nvidia 381.x driver support
Andreas Wacknitz
09:58 PM Feature #12479 (Closed): Uplift GntTLS from GntTLS 2.5.16 to GnuTLS 3.6.6
Andreas Wacknitz
09:54 PM Feature #12865 (Closed): Could you package openjdk11 and later LTS version?
Andreas Wacknitz


04:37 PM Bug #13824 (New): exiv2 / C++ exception handling broken on 64bit systems
I'm seeing a problem with programs using libexiv2 like geeqie and darktable:
Any C++ exception thrown in libexiv2 ...
Hans Rosenfeld


11:03 PM Feature #13823 (New): Add a command to edit btime
Unfortunately there is no command in OpenIndiana to edit btime.
For comparison, I use a Unix-like system (macOS) t...
muscle miscle


03:04 PM Feature #12865: Could you package openjdk11 and later LTS version?
openjdk11.0.10 is now available in OpenIndiana with commit Andreas Grüninger


03:41 PM Bug #13775 (New): GUI installer does not install a boot loader
Both 2020.10.31 and 2021.04.30 reboot after install to:
"non-system disk or disk error".
Reginald Beardsley


06:27 PM Bug #13770: pkg: authority subcommands broken (traceback)
They were removed in the OmniOS pkg5 repository under Andy Fiddaman
01:03 PM Bug #13770 (New): pkg: authority subcommands broken (traceback)
It seems that the @authority@ subcommands were "removed": Rick Elrod

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