From 2021-05-22 to 2021-06-20


12:03 AM Feature #1374: network/smb/server should not be in live image
Can someone close this? Keeps showing up in my "smb" searches... Gordon Ross


03:31 PM Bug #13858: x11 hot plug keyboard does not work
I've seen two related problems with a recent OI upgrade. One is that my KVM will no longer reconnect my USB keyboard... Gary Mills


09:19 PM Bug #13858 (New): x11 hot plug keyboard does not work

If I unplug-replug usb keyboard, I loose it.
If I plug another usb keyboard, it does not work.
If I restart light...
Ben Franck


06:59 PM Bug #8957 (Closed): tmux memory consumption (leak?)
Andreas Wacknitz
06:58 PM Bug #12703 (Closed): AMD GPU
Andreas Wacknitz


07:56 AM Bug #13711: USB Flash Drive does not automount correctly
I found it was possible to manually mount the USB flash drive using the following command
# mount -F pcfs /dev/dsk...
r a
04:10 AM Bug #12703: AMD GPU
Duplicate of #12704.
This one should be closed
Ben Franck
03:30 AM Bug #8957: tmux memory consumption (leak?)
This can be closed.
I have not noticed this behaviour for a long time (for many version)
Current v3.2 works well.
Ben Franck

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