From 2010-09-14 to 2010-10-13


11:36 AM Bug #32 (Closed): we need to support posting webrevs
Closing this as a dup of 226. The current implementation == fail. See 226 for more info. Garrett D'Amore


06:27 AM Bug #44: horizontal scrolling bar occurs
Sorry for the late reply.
The problem is that paddings are normally not included in the width. So if you specify a...
Rafael Gieschke


03:12 AM Bug #264 (Closed): Long links in "Latest Projects" section will overflow
In Safari on Mac OS X, on the main page left column, long links overflow the column in which they are located, making... Ben Couldrey


09:51 PM Bug #226: almost never works
Test zone built ( Need to decide on an approach. Once that's done, figure 2-4 hours for co... Bryan Horstmann-Allen


11:13 PM Bug #226: almost never works
The darn thing rejects my files for mysterious reasons, and I'm not alone. 1M is too small for some webrevs. It use... Garrett D'Amore
10:32 PM Bug #226: almost never works
"Empty File" error is thrown when the file field is not set (atleast that's how the code's written). If the file was ... Captain Administrator
08:06 PM Bug #226 (In Progress): almost never works
Couple ways to do this:
gitolite! Easy to manage, easy for developers to maintain their stuff, and it has faciliti...
Bryan Horstmann-Allen
07:33 PM Bug #226 (Resolved): almost never works
I'm not alone in this. usually says "empty file" when I try to upload something to it. And supportin... Garrett D'Amore
01:54 AM Bug #164: Can't get from
I need access to fix hg/http.
Matt also suggested I look at for replacing Apache entirely.
Bryan Horstmann-Allen


12:17 PM Bug #206: Need better bug tracking system
I don't think OpenSolaris, with its two bug tracking systems, serves as a good reference. Before even reporting a bug... none none


11:25 AM Bug #206: Need better bug tracking system
I'm not sure switching systems helps, people always file bugs that are lacking in detail. My experience (though anec... Rich Lowe
08:33 AM Bug #206 (Rejected): Need better bug tracking system
Many issues are being reported without steps to reproduce and sometimes with just an error message and no further inf... none none
02:18 AM Feature #105 (Closed): an auto-push to, etc, would be nice
This process needs to be moved to a proper illumos host, but for now it works. When I get my little virtual network u... Bryan Horstmann-Allen
02:17 AM Feature #105: an auto-push to, etc, would be nice
Pushes now running to as well. Bryan Horstmann-Allen

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