From 2010-11-07 to 2010-12-06


03:05 PM Bug #451: Redmine authentication are confused by vs www.
Ideally, Redmine should be setting a non-secure cookie for as that should work for both HTTP and HTTPS, ... Matt Lewandowsky
03:02 PM Bug #451 (Closed): Redmine authentication are confused by vs www.
After logging into Redmine via (with stored cookie), subsequently loading a http://www.illu... Albert Lee


11:45 AM Feature #442 (Closed): New Issue should be "available" to unauthenticated users
Unauthenticated users should have a "New Issue" link just like authenticated users do. However, this link should not ... Matt Lewandowsky
11:39 AM Bug #441 (Closed): Redmine lacks basic functionality without JavaScript
Redmine relies upon JavaScript/AJAX for much of its basic functionality. For a project like Illumos, where there's a ... Matt Lewandowsky


03:38 AM Bug #119: Change Illumos to illumos
Jeppe Toustrup wrote:
> I found the following places which needs correction:
> * "Illumos Project" appended to ever...
Matt Lewandowsky


05:20 PM Bug #406 (Closed): Documentation and Localization projects need to be more cohesive
Right now, the various languages for documentation and localization are all top-level projects. To make it easier to ... Matt Lewandowsky

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