From 2015-03-04 to 2015-04-02


07:35 AM Bug #164 (Closed): Can't get from
This is no longer a site that works. Look at the source on github, via Joshua M. Clulow
07:34 AM Bug #226 (Resolved): almost never works
No longer an issue, given the rearchitecture to support SSH-based rsync uploads, etc. Joshua M. Clulow
07:33 AM Support #1265 (Closed): A hung printer
Joshua M. Clulow
07:31 AM Bug #4542 (Resolved): post relevant github commits to issues
Joshua M. Clulow
07:25 AM Feature #93 (Closed): Create wiki page documenting the use of webrev
This is something that is (very) briefly documented on and better documented in http://illumos.... Joshua M. Clulow
07:21 AM Bug #74 (Rejected): Issue tracker limits possible assignees
In practice, this has not been a huge problem. People are welcome to request whatever role they think they should ha... Joshua M. Clulow
07:20 AM Feature #68 (Closed): Add information about IRC channel to frontpage
Seems to be on the wiki front page. Joshua M. Clulow
07:19 AM Bug #61 (Closed): Include link to commit info in illumos-commits mails
Reasonable sure this is taken care of in the github mail that goes out. Joshua M. Clulow
07:17 AM Bug #50 (Rejected): Add transcript of conference call
Cleaning up things that are no longer relevant. Joshua M. Clulow
07:17 AM Bug #47 (Rejected): create project should offer to clone existing project
Cleaning up things that are no longer relevant. Joshua M. Clulow

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