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The Illumos pkgsrc project

This project is about making NetBSD's pkgsrc http://www.pkgsrc.org shine on Illumos/Openindiana. Pkgsrc already work on Illumos/Openindiana, but really need some love to make it shine.

Bootstrap and manage pkgsrc under Illumos/Openindiana
Beside the official way to bootstrap pkgsrc, we provide both a wrapper script and a binary pkgadd package.

The wrapper script (ipp) will help you bootstrap and manage pkgsrc, without you to know anything about search paths, host dependencies, mirrors etc. The script (ipp) can be downloaded here: ipp
Changelog: changelog

The binary pkgadd package, is a pre-bootstrap of pkgsrc, and includes pkgin, a tool to manage pkgsrc binary packages, and is pre-configured to use our official repository. You can download the package here: IPPpkgsrc-binary-x.y-i386.pkg.tar.gz

Pkgsrc patches for Solaris/Illumos pkgsrc
A lot of packages will not build, or do not work very well on Illumos/Openindiana, so patches need to be written. This is probably the most needed and demanding task. So please don't hesitate to report bugs and commiting patches.

Pkgsrc2ips script
Develop a script to convert pkgsrc to IPS packages (under development).
Creation of SVR4 packages is not needed, as a utility for this already exist in pkgsrc.

Prebuild packages
As of today, it is possible to install more than 6000 pkgsrc binary packages on a SunOS 5.11 based platform, as easily as in NetBSD, DragonFly BSD or MINIX. Our official repository can be found at:

The Illumos Pkgsrc Project team

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