8523 Fix clobber in a few Makefiles

Review Request #636 - Created July 28, 2017 and submitted

C Fraire
- CURTYPE override needs to be a $(MAKE) command-line macro def not env var
- ROOTONBLDLIBPY needs clean/clobber-conditional handling too or else an install runs upon clobber
1. A full lint build was done in the new branch, and the resulting file set was identical to that for a full lint build of the master branch.
2. An inspection of the nightly log of the build of the new branch showed that a spurious "install" was no longer run during clobber.
3. A manual run of clobber was affirmed in the new branch to remove both "library" and "standalone" artifacts vs the master branch where only "library" artifacts were removed.
Andrew Stormont
Toomas Soome
C Fraire
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