Man pages contain cross-reference errata

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C Fraire

I have found man pages with cross-references that have incorrect sections, typos in their names, mistakes in the surrounding whitespace, or for which there are missing MANLINKS.

Whitespace fixes around cross-references

chown.1 kinit.1 msgcpp.1 rcp.1 rlogin.1 telnet.1
tftp.1 mail.1b cfgadm.1m cfgadm_sysctrl.1m fsdb_udfs.1m
in.comsat.1m inityp2l.1m ipdadm.1m mkfs_udfs.1m
netstat.1m ping.1m pkgask.1m rpc.bootparamd.1m
stmsboot.1m svc.configd.1m setreuid.2 door_bind.3c
door_return.3c econvert.3c pthread_atfork.3c
thr_suspend.3c dat_evd_wait.3dat gelf.3elf wait.h.3head
kvm_open.3kvm libaio.3lib copysign.3m pow.3m
maillock.3mail t_strerror.3nsl setproject.3project
rsm_memseg_import_putv.3rsm SLPUnescape.3slp
socket.3socket btohex.3tsol dhcp_inittab.4
pam_unix_auth.5 pam_unix_cred.5 su.7d usbsacm.7d
iec61883.7i inet6.7p srv.9e tran_init_pkt.9e

Section fixes in cross-references

kbd.1 pmap.1 preap.1 uuidgen.1 dns-sd.1m
kdb5_ldap_util.1m tapes.1m zfs-program.1m arc4random.3c
door_getparam.3c endian.3c fcloseall.3c thrd_create.3c
td_thr_get_info.3c_db auto_ef.3ext endian.h.3head
ber_encode.3ldap rpc_gss_get_mechanisms.3nsl
Lprochandle.3proc Lstate.3proc Plookup_by_addr.3proc
Prd_agent.3proc pr_getzoneid.3proc core.4 ipf.4
brand.4th.5 byteorder.5 gptzfsboot.5 loader.5 menu.4th.5
version.4th.5 blkdev.7d ipmi.7d termio.7i mc_getcapab.9e
ddi_cb_register.9f ddi_modopen.9f mac_init_ops.9f
pm_power_has_changed.9f pollhead_clean.9f

Other fixes: e.g. typos, incorrect names, re-phrasing

mandoc.1 ldapclient.1m vscand.1m aligned_alloc.3c cnd.3c
quick_exit.3c thrd_join.3c timerfd_create.3c
ldap_entry2text.3ldap libSMHBAAPI.3lib libproc.3lib
Lstatus.3proc Pctlfd.3proc Pgetareg.3proc Psysentry.3proc
sockaddr.3socket media_getid.3volmgt contract.4
pam_unix_session.5 zpool-features.5 pcn.7d mac.9e
usba_hcdi.9e usba_hcdi_device_init.9e
usba_hcdi_pipe_intr_xfer.9e usba_hcdi_pipe_isoc_xfer.9e
usba_hcdi_pipe_reset.9e mac_hcksum_get.9f
mac_maxsdu_update.9f mac_tx_update.9f usba_hubdi_cb_ops.9f
ddi_device_acc_attr.9s usb_bulk_req.9s usb_ep_xdescr.9s

Missing MANLINKS fixes

audlinks.1m fesetenv.3m fesetexceptflag.3m fesetround.3m

  • build and deploy, and confirm new MANLINKS have been made available (e.g., man fesetenv)


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C Fraire
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