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04:36 PM illumos gate Bug #7091: "tail -f" hangs with pipelines
I don't think this is an issue at all with 'tail' rather it is the way multi-stage pipelines work (and in som...
Jon Strabala


09:37 PM illumos gate Feature #1023: nv_sata support for NVIDIA MCP61
Thanks Gary, the TMPDIR change did the trick (solving my system freeze during my nightly build).
I was able to mak...
Jon Strabala
01:24 AM illumos gate Feature #1023: nv_sata support for NVIDIA MCP61
I was working on a tiny fix to your il_1023.patch e.g. an issue with patching the man page n...
Jon Strabala
03:04 PM illumos gate Bug #412: Cannot delete file(s) on root zfs filesystem if disk is full
In the old UFS file system root was able to access some of the space that normal users were not when I file system ap... Jon Strabala


04:31 PM illumos gate Feature #1036: any thought into absorbing portions of nfo driver into nge (nVidia ethernet)
I am pretty sure my chipset, (proposal to Garret and Richard) s a MCP61, I would be willing to "test" any code for th... Jon Strabala


02:33 AM illumos gate Bug #1983: sshd problems
I have similar results with a client and server setup (described above) I also provide truss outputs for three tests ... Jon Strabala


05:56 PM illumos gate Bug #1983: sshd problems
I noticed this slow ssh connect issue too for several weeks especialy after a reboot (or a long dormancy), first logi... Jon Strabala


04:33 PM illumos gate Feature #1023: nv_sata support for NVIDIA MCP61
Albert, here is a test of webrev it works for me on a Compaq-Presario C... Jon Strabala


04:15 PM illumos gate Bug #2582: hermon: missing IB device
Hi Udo,
Refer to for some notes concerning /etc/driver_aliases (for a differe...
Jon Strabala
03:52 PM illumos gate Feature #1023: nv_sata support for NVIDIA MCP61
Yes this update to /etc/driver_aliases (proposed by Albert Lee above) seems to work fine with a MCP61P chipset - my e... Jon Strabala

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