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Reported issues: 54


09:58 AM illumos gate Bug #9859 (Closed): Typo in beadm man page
This was already fixed in #8138.


06:21 PM illumos gate Bug #9842 (Closed): man page typos and spelling
I have another batch of man page spelling mistakes and typos.


09:36 PM illumos gate Feature #9830 (New): praudit should be able to map users and groups correctly
It's common to aggregate audit logs onto a central system. However, running praudit will use the passwd and group fil...
06:02 PM illumos gate Bug #9828 (Closed): svr4pkg: pkgremove/special.c is unused
The file usr/src/cmd/svr4pkg/pkgremove/special.c contains code that simply isn't used. There are a couple of comments...


08:21 AM illumos gate Bug #9765 (Closed): pkgadd has no Z option
It appears that pkgadd was planned to have a -Z option, and remnants remain:
The file usr/src/cmd/svr4pkg/hdrs/mes...


06:37 PM illumos gate Bug #9757 (Closed): getent ipnodes has wrong exit status
According to the getent man page, getent will return:
3 There is no support for enumeration on this database.
06:22 PM illumos gate Bug #868 (Closed): uts/common/avs/ns/contract.h makes source searches tedious
avs has been removed from illumos
06:22 PM illumos gate Bug #710 (Closed): AVS gets its bitwise ops muddled
avs has been removed from illumos
06:21 PM illumos gate Bug #1481 (Closed): broken dependency from driver/storage/sv
avs has been removed from illumos
06:20 PM illumos gate Bug #1629 (Closed): AVS slows down writes on a primary host
avs has been removed from illumos

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