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07:13 AM illumos gate Bug #2399: zfs manual page does not document use of "zfs diff"
Hi Jon, this is good investigative work here, but seems to be a duplicate of #545:
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10:16 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #559: ipadm man page does not exist
Here is a version of the ipadm manual that seems to be current:
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10:59 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #752 (Resolved): add default iscsi ports to /etc/inet/services
When viewing netstat output, iscsi targets listening on "well known" ports do not have a service name associated with... n2deep n2deep


08:14 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #705: Firefox / libflashplayer crashes firefox when closing from fullscreen video
I'm using OI B148, Firefox version 3.6.13, shockwave flash 10.2 r152
I'm not experiencing a crash when going from ...
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02:49 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #737: Firefox crash when creating new folder from save as... window
this is not specific to "save link as..." "save page as..." brings up the same window, and produces the same crash. n2deep n2deep
02:45 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #737 (Closed): Firefox crash when creating new folder from save as... window
On Firefox builds after 3.6.8, more specifically 3.6.13 running on OI b148, trying to create a new folder from Firefo... n2deep n2deep
01:13 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #736 (Closed): root crontab does not survive reboot
Making changes to a B148 root crontab is pointless if you reboot the machine. Your changes will be overwritten at the... n2deep n2deep


05:13 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #727 (Closed): unable to override reported keyboard layout + apple keyboard support
On a Mac-Mini with an apple keyboard connected, I'm unable to override the reported keyboard layout.
On PC hardwar...
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09:43 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #542: Download page should show hashes
I personally fell victim to mis-matched checksums that were "cached" on the dlc.
I have updated the main download ...
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04:04 AM illumos gate Bug #560 (New): nwamd - unable to assign static IPv6 address as stated in manual
After installing b148-text the nwamd manual states:
"A static IP address can be configured by changing the line in...
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