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11:34 AM illumos gate Bug #7354: std::locale("") does not work properly
Illumos-site seems has been fixed:
Julian Wiesener
11:17 AM illumos gate Bug #7354: std::locale("") does not work properly
That problem is way older than illumos and has been repoted multiple time since 2004. Afaik there had been a few that... Julian Wiesener


01:09 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #286: Default ulmits should be upped
apparently i'm not working at the bug Julian Wiesener
01:08 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #304: Networking problems with oi_147 under VMware Workstation
needs someone who like to reproduce/debugg it.
ifconfig e1000g0 plumb
ifconfig e1000g0 dhcp
ifconfig e1000g0
Julian Wiesener
01:03 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #765 (Closed): Boot hang on amd64 Tyan S2912
no feedback Julian Wiesener
01:02 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1019 (Closed): nautilus regression with march update of oi_148 and cifs client
no feedback Julian Wiesener
12:59 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1034 (Closed): panic with b148 hment_remove() missing in hash table
still not enogh information to get an quallified bug report from it. Julian Wiesener
12:55 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1025: GRUB loading failure
Well, i found noone who want to work on that bug and i will also not for the moment. Needs someone who breake it down... Julian Wiesener
12:52 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1099 (Closed): OI_151 Fails to boot via CD Supermicro X8DTU via remote console.
no feedback Julian Wiesener
12:48 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #445: pkg fix reports errors in SUNWcs after reboot
the files content will not change, however someone will need to fix it in illumos (modify the scripts that change the... Julian Wiesener

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