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07:31 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9581: xscreensaver-demo dumps core on Help -> About
Yes, sorry I missed that when creating the patch. It works for me now after the changes in:
Alan Coopersmith


09:22 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #6549: trusted-xorg should be installed by default during GUI installation
There's no need for this - unless and until you've installed all the trusted extensions packages and set up zones wit... Alan Coopersmith


07:55 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #4275 (Resolved): logo links to still
[[]] has the OI logo on top, but if you click the start of it (only a sm... Alan Coopersmith


04:35 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #3857: GLwCreateMDrawingArea() needs a man page.
None of the GL man pages were ever shipped in OpenSolaris or OpenIndiana - the Khronos Group has started making the G... Alan Coopersmith


10:27 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #1807: Bump Xnv to 175a
You forgot to mention “and reduced compatibility with illumos.”
xnv_175a will not be a direct drop in replacement ...
Alan Coopersmith


05:05 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1135: intel driver stops updating the screen sometimes
Ken Mays wrote:
> Please check if Xnv_151 was compiled with SS 12.1 as the primary compiler which can produce faulty ...
Alan Coopersmith


05:16 AM illumos gate Bug #1200: various modules declare static functions within function bodies
I believe placing function prototypes in the body of functions is technically legal C, but strongly discouraged as ba... Alan Coopersmith


05:45 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #970: Graphics Card ...
You can't have had compiz running on a Radeon HD3200 on OpenIndiana on OI_147 LiveCD or any other version - only Inte... Alan Coopersmith


12:51 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #782: automake package does not install `automake`
Fixed "upstream" in the Userland packaging of automake-1.10 in snv_162. Alan Coopersmith
12:09 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #239: xscreensaver authentication messages
Sounds like which was fixed in the "upstream" JDS gate in bui... Alan Coopersmith

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