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Reported issues: 200


10:09 PM illumos gate Bug #9486 (New): reduce memory used by device removal on fragmented pools
Device removal allocates a new location for each allocated segment on
the disk that's being removed. Each allocatio...
10:03 PM illumos gate Bug #9485 (New): Optimize possible split block search space
Port this commit from ZoL:


05:25 PM illumos gate Bug #9290 (Closed): device removal reduces redundancy of mirrors
Mirrors are supposed to provide redundancy in the face of whole-disk failure and silent damage (e.g. some data on dis...


10:44 PM illumos gate Bug #9284: arc_reclaim_thread has 2 jobs
The justification in the Description is outdated. It should read:
Following the fix for 9018 (Replace kmem_ca...
10:33 PM illumos gate Bug #9284 (Closed): arc_reclaim_thread has 2 jobs
`arc_reclaim_thread()` calls `arc_adjust()` after calling
`arc_kmem_reap_now()`; `arc_adjust()` signals `arc_get_dat...


11:36 PM illumos gate Bug #5160 (Closed): zfsctl_snapshot_inactive() can leak a vnode hold


06:30 PM illumos gate Bug #8565: zpool dumps core trying to destroy unavail/faulted pool and try export it
It looks like sa_get_one_zfs_share() doesn’t fill in all the paths[] when it gets the SA_SYSTEM_ERR error
Probably w...


11:42 PM illumos gate Bug #8552 (Closed): ZFS LUA code uses floating point math
In the LUA interpreter used by "zfs program", the lua format() function accidentally includes support for '%f' and fr...


04:12 PM illumos gate Bug #8353: some written buffers are not deducted from dirty size
Yes, we introduced the io_phys_done accounting specifically because doing it in io_done is too coarse-grained. Logic...


05:40 PM illumos gate Bug #8423 (New): Implement large_dnode pool feature
This is a port from ZFS on Linux of:

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