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05:05 PM illumos gate Bug #13249: wasteful entry allocation in dnlc
Something of this sort should take care of it (not even compile tested):... Mateusz Guzik
04:34 PM illumos gate Bug #13249 (Closed): wasteful entry allocation in dnlc
The namecache entry has the following layout:... Mateusz Guzik


07:35 PM illumos gate Bug #13243 (New): deadlock on ZFS during concurrent rename and mkdir
... Mateusz Guzik


12:32 AM illumos gate Bug #13058 (New): high contention on root vnode mutex during a lookup-heavy workload
The box at hand is quite old: a 2 socket * 10 cores * 2 threads Sandy Bridge. There is a lx-zone with Debian performi... Mateusz Guzik


06:45 PM illumos gate Bug #13057 (New): pessimal mutex behavior
This is a slightly edited copy of what I originally posted here:
Mateusz Guzik
06:26 PM illumos gate Bug #13056 (New): pessimal rw locks behavior
While read-write locking always modifying the same cacheline suffers from fundamental scalability issues, the current... Mateusz Guzik

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