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illumos gate Developer 2021-06-19



09:19 AM illumos gate Bug #15344: Fix casts from (void *) to (void)
Performed dis on the before and after binaries of netstat, powerd and sasinfo and the are exactly the aame. Marco van Wieringen


10:45 AM illumos gate Bug #15344: Fix casts from (void *) to (void)
Tested netstat, sasinfo and format binary from proto area and they work the same as before. Rest is a bit difficult t... Marco van Wieringen
09:11 AM illumos gate Bug #15345: Fix function prototype in in.routed/if.c
Tested resulting binary on arm port. Marco van Wieringen


09:40 AM illumos gate Bug #15345 (Closed): Fix function prototype in in.routed/if.c
In in.routed/if.c some function prototypes are wrong. e.g. uint_t vs size_t which currently is no problem but will be... Marco van Wieringen
09:34 AM illumos gate Bug #15344 (Closed): Fix casts from (void *) to (void)
Some code uses a cast to (void *) which should be (void) as its only to ignore the return value of the function. Marco van Wieringen


03:49 PM illumos gate Feature #15308: Stop using readdir_r in usr/src/cmd
Tested fwflash and fstyp binaries by running them from proto area. The
zonestatd was tested on illumos-arm which was...
Marco van Wieringen


07:51 PM illumos gate Feature #15318: Add LOG_MAKEPRI macro
Joshua M. Clulow wrote in #note-3:
> As an aside for the future, #15317 and #15318 could just have been a single bug...
Marco van Wieringen
03:12 PM illumos gate Feature #15318 (In Progress): Add LOG_MAKEPRI macro
Lets next to LOG_PRI also add the LOG_MAKEPRI macro available on other platforms. Marco van Wieringen
01:33 PM illumos gate Feature #15317 (In Progress): Add LOG_PRI macro
Most other platforms have a LOG_PRI macro in syslog.h.
Ran into porting cyrus-imapd 3.6.0
Marco van Wieringen


07:55 PM illumos gate Bug #15307 (In Progress): zpool status -v list wrong devicename after 15232
Marco van Wieringen

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