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illumos gate Developer 2010-11-08



11:25 PM illumos gate Bug #2910 (Resolved): svc.startd core dump
Tracked down that this was due to svc.startd dumping core and restarting.
> $C
John Sonnenschein


09:47 PM illumos gate Bug #2855 (New): vmu_calculate_proc() impeding page faults for thousands of seconds
From Joyent OS-987:
the w command is hanging because it's trying to get the pr_p_lock
on the prnode_t associated ...
John Sonnenschein


08:10 PM illumos gate Bug #2443 (Resolved): wall(1) needs zones support
wall(1) only broadcasts to the global zone. It would be useful to send messages to the ngz. John Sonnenschein


06:18 PM illumos gate Bug #2092 (New): terrible performance from PCFS
PCFS serializes every operation, synchronously. As a result it's almost certainly the worst performing implementation... John Sonnenschein
12:15 AM illumos gate Bug #2085 (Resolved): with lots of zones, sometimes all of them don't boot on system boot
This was in the zones SMF log file: ... John Sonnenschein


06:52 PM illumos gate Bug #1917: ::umem_verify seg faults on a dump with rampant corruption
No, this is a copy of a Joyent bug, in order to integrate a changeset that already exists
From e9af913034578289b...
John Sonnenschein


12:52 AM illumos gate Bug #1923 (Resolved): kernel panic in ire_round_robin due to divide by zero
John Sonnenschein
12:43 AM illumos gate Bug #1922 (Resolved): t_pcb of panic thread should be preserved on a panic
Currently, the t_pcb of the panicking thread is plowed by the setjmp() in panicsys that saves the registers at the ti... John Sonnenschein


11:28 PM illumos gate Bug #1920 (Resolved): ::ugrep and ::kgrep don't work for sizes less than 4
Running ::kgrep/::ugrep for sizes less than 4 (i.e., 1 or 2) doesn't properly work: it returns many too many hits.
John Sonnenschein
11:27 PM illumos gate Bug #1919 (New): need ::scalehrtime dcmd
Increasingly in the system, timestamps are being recorded as TSCs (e.g., t_hrtime) – but this leaves them unscaled. S... John Sonnenschein

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