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Reported issues: 181


01:46 AM illumos gate Bug #8938 (Rejected): wordexp () in libc depend on ksh93 and failed with others
wordexp() depend on ksh93 and will be failed with components like inetd what a...


02:25 PM illumos gate Bug #8892: Reboot hags on QuantraPlex Storage Server
Vadim Bulavkin wrote:
> The problem was in motherboard BMC. Fixed by ignoring device during PCI bus enumeration.


09:31 AM illumos gate Bug #8917 (New): illumos ld do not work with comments like /* */ in map files
with ports of 3rd party userland apps we can see lib.map files with comments /* comment */
GNU LD works as well with...


06:00 AM illumos gate Bug #8881: pvscsi panic: panic message: assertion failed: list_link_active(&cmd->cmd_queue_node),...
neet take a look and upstream:
05:31 AM illumos gate Bug #8881 (New): pvscsi panic: panic message: assertion failed: list_link_active(&cmd->cmd_queue_...
VMware VM with 4GB RAM + 4vCPU
several(10 x 10GB) raw vdevs for iscsi target...


05:02 AM illumos gate Bug #8878 (New): pvscsi panic
VMware guest with 4GB RAM, 4vCpu
several zvol's with for iscsi
create zpool with mirrors on initiator and produce...


06:48 AM illumos gate Bug #8570: ixgbe crash with rings
additional info with additional core dump:...


09:01 PM illumos gate Bug #8718 (New): ipfilter service failed on SPARC with reboot
from ipfilter smf log:...
08:12 PM illumos gate Bug #8584: dtrace: Certain llquantize() parameters trigger assertion
reproduce on SPARC64 in zone with different message:...


05:33 PM illumos gate Bug #8652: Tautological comparisons with ZPROP_INVAL
Alan Somers wrote:
> Here's GCC's explanation for how they handle enum signededness. I would guess that the problem...

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